Xiaoyan Zheng 郑晓燕, Hefei Department Store Group合肥百货大楼集团

Xiaoyan Zheng 郑晓燕Zheng Xiaoyan has served successively as the company’s director, deputy manager, general manager, secretary of the company’s party committee; chairman of the board for the 3rd and 4th term, general manager, secretary of the company’s party committee; directory of the board and secretary of the company’s party committee for the 5th term. Zheng currently is holding the position of the company’s chairman of the board, secretary of the party committee, deputy to the 11th and 12th National People’s Congress, representative to the 9th Congress of Party Representatives of Anhui Province, representative and committee member of the 10th Congress of Party Representatives of Hefei, vice-chairman of China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, vice-chairman of China Association of Women Entrepreneurs, chairman of Anhui Association of Women Entrepreneurs, chairman of Anhui Retail Business Association, vice-chairman of Anhui Federation of Entrepreneurs, vice-chairman of Anhui Trade Promotion Association, vice-chairman of Anhui International Chamber of Commerce, chairman of Hefei Retail Business Association.


Company Summary 公司简介 - Hefei Department Store Group Co., Ltd. 合肥百货大楼集团股份有限公司

The predecessor of Hefei Department Store Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Baida Group) was Hefei Department Store. It was established in 1959 and re-structured into a joint-stock company in 1993.

Since going public, Hefei Baida Group has always adhered to real industry development, capital operation, human resources development, technology and institutional innovation as principles in order to strengthen and expand its retail function, as well as framing an industrial system with different anglescoalescing together. The company currently owns 20 large department stores chain, 150 Joymart supermarkets and 23 Baida Electric Appliance Chain Stores, covering an area of around one million square metres, with branches and distribution stores in 14 cities of Anhui Province. Meanwhile, the company is in charge of the Hefei Zhougudui Agricultural Product Wholesale Market, which ranks 7 of the national agricultural product wholesale industry. Furthermore, Hefei Baida Group wholly owns north Anhui’s largest agricultural product entrepôt (Suzhou Baida Agricultural Product Market) and P&G’s Anhui General Agency (Hexin Commerce and Trade), sets up BaidaYishangcheng O2O online shopping platform, shares Huishang Bank and Hefei Science and Technology Rural Commercial Bank and other financial corporations, develops small loan business, consumer finance company, third party payment and other investment business. The whole network has formed a multi-business development framework with the main focus on retail, including department store chain, Joymart supermarket chain, Baida electric appliances store chain, agricultural product wholesale, e-commerce, strategic investment.

In recent years, facingthe accelerating retail industry and intense competition, Baida Group actively seeksto transform, to upgrade, and to further promote the mode of operation, retail formats and profit model. To strengthen development and constructionin shopping center to improve the consumer experience and services.