This project seeks to invite top Chinese and English business leaders as mentors. The ideal mentor would possess innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit as well as social influence. They would have their own unique thoughts and understanding of discovering and supporting the new generation of female business leaders. In addition they would also be willing to share their successful experiences and explain how they have overcome their failures. Therefore mentorswill hold high expectations for young candidates that have great potential.

Throughout this project, mentors will share their understanding of female leadership and their own experience of young entrepreneurship to help guide candidates to think about the issue of developing young female leaders. Mentors will look at the candidate’s unique qualities and capabilities and, withthe organizers assistance,set appropriate tasks for candidates to complete during theirplacement period. After the candidates have completed their tasks, the mentor will give feedback andguidance based on their observations.

There will be close interaction between the mentors and candidates throughout this project. This allows candidates to gain a taste of the mentor’s current standing within the market and appreciate the business leader’s personality and work style.




Three top Chinese business leaders, each representing one of the three provinces – Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui.  

Three top British business leaders, some of those are also ambassadors for the Great Campaign.