Yvonne Huang 黄颖

Yvonne Huang 黄颖Yvonne was born and raised in Suzhou;she has always been actively taking up challenges and learning new things. She was the monitor and president of the Student Union when she was a student. When Yvonne founded her business (Diploma) in 1998, it was a difficult time for her as she did not have much starting capital. 17 years later, the company currently employs 2000 employees and is planning to go public in one or two years’ time. Diploma’s founder, Yvonne Huang has taken the company forward for over a decade through constant innovation and reinvention. Diploma became the first logistics outsourcer in China to obtain foreign venture capital, and has since won numerous provincial and municipal honors, with Yvonne having represented Jiangsu female entrepreneurs in Taiwan. Diploma has serviced fortune 500 companies and also been documented by BBC. Yvonne herself, on the other hand, is well known in the Jiangsu province. She not only actively participates and hosts events; she also gives speeches about her life, experiences and her views on the world. As Yvonne has a circle of influence, she believes that after taking place in the VOW project, not only will it allow her to gain a global view for herself and her company, she will also be able to share it with the people in her province. Yvonne knows what she wants and has a strong, honest and optimistic character. 



Yvonne_Huang_1Company Summary 公司简介 - Diploma 迪诺曼

We introduce the new concept of “cloud manager” to integrated services for urban design. We devote our efforts to the four core areas of management services for property and assets owned by government, energy management contracts, institutional catering, and international conferences and event services. We are China’s leading comprehensive service provider of urban services, and provide you with tailor-made service solution.

Our goal is to: create extraordinary value and promote social harmony and economic development among our cities.