Rebecca Shao 邵淼淼

Rebecca Shao 邵淼淼Rebecca has an international background; she started travelling overseas from a young age and attended international schools. She is currently employed as an Executive Director in her father’s company. To begin with, she had difficulty trying to gain respect from the senior management in the company, However, Rebecca overcame the challenge and is now successfully running a global company and managing 60 people. Other than work she is also a dedicated philanthropist and active in promoting women leadership. As she is familiar with the issues young professional women face, she believes after joining the VOW project, she could volunteer to become a mentor for women networks in China and the UK, and also to talk to fresh college graduates.


Company Summary 公司简介 - Jiangsu Jiale Investment Group 江苏嘉乐集团

The core business of our company has two parts- hotel and mining. We were successfully running two five-star hotels in Jiangsu for 9 years and at the same time we have acquired precious stone mines, i.e. gold, copper, industrial steel and crystal across major cities in the Yangtze Delta region. Currently, we are expanding the company footprint overseas as we acquired business in Australia and the U.S.