Rosie Hawes

Rosie Hawes, Principal, Control Risks,
is standing for the position of Vice Chair and At-Large

As vice-chair for the Chamber’s Women in Business Focus Group, I see firsthand its great work bringing together the British business community, and I would like to increase my contribution.

I have been in Shanghai for three years, working for Control Risks, a UK consultancy advising on the risks and opportunities of doing business in China. Before moving here, I lived in Moscow for 12 years - working both for Control Risks, and prior to that for the UK government. During my time in Russia I was a British Embassy Warden – a member of the local community, providing a link with the embassy to share key messages. I have always considered it important to participate in local community initiatives and hope to do so in a role on the Chamber.  

Control Risks has traditionally contributed heavily to the work of the Chamber. As a British company providing support to our clients in the face of crisis, Control Risks has a long standing track record in Shanghai among the British community. I have been with the company for 10 years and have direct and relevant experience in addressing some of the major challenges and impediments to successfully doing business in China. At the same time, I have seen how business can succeed and thrive here and I am keen to share that experience with the Chamber’s members.

I would like to join the Executive Committee because I consider it important to contribute towards the community. I consider that my professional – and personal – experience of understanding the challenges of working and living in Shanghai - and how to thrive here are directly relevant to Chamber members. The Women in Business Focus Group has been a great learning experience for me in how to contribute towards decision making in a practical and results-oriented way making us one of the most successful focus groups within the chamber. In addition to this, I would bring an enthusiastic, friendly and inclusive approach to an already strong team.

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