Privilege Club Offers: Health & Insurance

Circle Harmony Health provides free online consultation service for British Chamber membership

Circle Harmony launches the Family Doctor Online, delivering a free consultation with doctor without physical contact for each British Chamber membership!  

Service area: 1. 2019-nCoV prevention 2. common diseases consultation 3. emergency consultation 4. injury consultation 5. pediatric general consultation.

Valid until: 30th April 2020

Service Time: 14:00-17:00 on workday

HowOnline graphic and text consultation

Who:  Each British Chamber membership has one trail for free

To make an appointment:  

1.    Hotline(Bilingual)

> STEP 1 call service hotline400-999-9260 to make an appointment(CBBC membership should be mentioned), a SMS will be sent to confirm the appointment

> STEP 2 online consultation

2. wechat (only in Chinese)

> STEP 1 填写就诊人信息

前往“圆和健康”微信公众号,选择“医诊服务“-”在线咨询“-”问诊专家“-填写”新增就诊人“信息表-客户渠道选择“英商会会员” 将自动抵扣就诊费用600元

> STEP 2 线上图文咨询


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Any question, please contact Circle Harmony’s official assistant on WeChat“yuanheyiliao”or 13817814056 on phone

Free Online Advice Service from Shanghai United Family Hospital

Free Online Consultation from Shanghai United Family Hospital