Paulina Chilarska

Paulina Chilarska, Chief Science Officer, Acerchem International INC,
is standing for the position of Vice Chair

Dr Paulina Chilarska works for Acerchem International INC and she is a serial entrepreneur with a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence and technology transfer.

Dr Chilarska holds PhD in Computational Biology/Stem Cell Biology from the University of Cambridge, MPhil also in the same discipline also from the University of Cambridge and BSc in Genetics from the University of Edinburgh. She has ample academic teaching experience in the field of technology commercialisation from institutions such as the University of California Berkeley, the University of Cambridge as well as Singapore Management University.

After gaining experience working with the Nobel Prize winner Sir Professor Paul Nurse at the Rockefeller University in New York, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in technology consulting, technology investment advisory services, and AI commercialisation. Dr Chilarska is currently the Partner at Dynamic Innovation Consulting in Shanghai and the Chief Science Advisor to a number of technology companies both in Asia and in the UK. Dr Chilarska is an avid public speaker and educator with a mission of marrying technology startup business models with more traditional approaches for greater efficiency, flexibility and scaleability.

Dr Chilarska speaks five languages and is happily married dividing her time between the UK, Singapore and Shanghai.