Tricor launched an Asia-Pacific Trade Report

Published on 2021-03-01

Lately, Tricor Group launched the 2021 Asia-Pacific Trade Report, which is focusing on the impact of RCEP and Covid-19 Recovery.

In recent decades, China has risen to become the significant trading partner for most economies of the APAC region. The landmark RCEP will now activate new interconnectivities China needs with neighboring APAC economies so it can achieve its large-scale regional economic plans, namely the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Greater Bay Area (GBA). Tricor China looks forward to supporting enterprises, both foreign and domestic, in seizing new cross-border opportunities emerging thanks to RCEP.

Tricor‘s report applies industry data from a multitude of research and media sources to offer perspectives, insights, observations and projections compiled by senior Tricor executives on how global trade trends will impact APAC trade and investment activity in the year ahead. 
What’s in this report?
  • Economic Significance of the RCEP
  • Provisions of the RCEP
  • Seizing Opportunities & Overcoming Challenges in the RCEP Zone
  • How Companies Can Prepare for the RCEP & How Tricor Can Help
  • Further Reading: Doing Business Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Download the Report
Leverage Tricor's expert insights to further your organization's business objectives and prepare to capitalize on the RCEP and the business growth opportunities it presents.