2020 Winter Concert Lights Up the Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre

Published on 2020-12-21

On Tuesday 15 December, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong lit up the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center with music from 380 of our best and brightest musicians at the 2020 Whole College Winter Concert.

It was a gala event drawing over 800 parents in black tie dress to celebrate together the start of the holiday season. It was the most ambitious concert ever undertaken by our school bringing together students from DUCKS, Junior School and Senior School. They delivered a real tour de force.


The students powered through an ambitious setlist of 32 pieces, each one technically demanding. There were many highlights, including soulful saxophone interludes by Year 12 student Jonathan O, Year 6 student Angela G who led the Andante Strings and Year 1 DUCKS students who performed seamlessly in English and Chinese.


The concert concluded with the world premiere of Ko Te Tumanako, an original piece composed by Year 13 student Larissa L. Larissa's powerful composition won the Jenkins Award earlier this year and was to be performed at the ISCMS XIII Festival in Shenzhen. Those plans, however, were interrupted by the COVID pandemic. We were thrilled to be able to premiere her piece in front of our Dulwich Pudong community. The concert finale saw over 250 students performing together on stage.


Says Toby Carden Director of Music, "We are so proud of all the students who took part in the Winter Concert. The performance was the result of months of dedicated work, and the musical repertoire was varied and complex, fitting the professional venue. The performers took everything in their stride, and the sound produced in the concert hall was remarkable; a really memorable event for everyone involved."

Says Head of College Caroline Taylor, "The spectacular Winter Concert at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Centre has begun the festive season for us! It was a privilege to listen to our highly-talented young musicians who performed with confidence and joy. With parents able to attend, it was made all the more special. This was the culmination of what has been a wonderful term."