Hays releases 'China's Top Ten Talent Trends for 2021'

Published on 2020-12-14

Hays has released China's Top Ten Talent Trends for 2021. 瀚纳仕发布的2021年中国十大人才趋势。

China's Top Ten Talent Trends for 2021:

1. Suzhou becoming the pharmaceutical Silicon Valley of China
2. Life Sciences R&D discovery going domestic
3. Pharmaceutical industry to see near-unbridled recruitment
4. Hiring demand from domestic clients remaining high
5. Industry 4.0 leading localisation and European acquisitions
6. Digital transformation as critical as ever
7. Accounting, finance and legal industries drive to digital
8. Health insurance and online insurance taking a lead
9. Domestic enterprises leading the hunt for adaptable candidates
10. New branches and security firms driving the commercial banking market

To see the full report, please download the PDF files below. 


1. 苏州将成为中国制药业硅谷
2. 生命科学研发本土化
3. 制药行业招聘前景广阔
4. 国内客户的招聘需求持续走高
5. 工业4.0引领本土化和欧洲企业收购
6. 数字化转型至关重要
7. 会计,金融和法律行业数字化发展
8. 健康保险和在线保险崭露头角
9. 国内企业带头寻找适应能力强的候选人
10. 新的分支机构和证券公司推动了商业银行市场的发展