The Festive Spirit is Flowing at Dulwich Puxi 节日气氛在德威浦西流淌

Published on 2020-12-02

Last Thursday marked the official start to the holiday season with our Winter Fair, Winter Concert and Tree Lighting Ceremony.


Although parents were unable to attend the Winter Fair, it was still a joyous occasion. Students took turns to staff the Puxi Pop-up Shop, selling hand-crafted items from Hearts and Hands. Hearts and Hands is a charity based in Yunnan province working with deaf and mute children to create beautiful, handmade Christmas decorations. Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi works with Hearts and Hands each year to sell these decorations to our community, helping them raise funds and also provide employment for those with physical disabilities.  

This year’s Winter Fair also included the Eco Dulwich-Shop, a student-led initiative to plan, source ingredients, create, market and sell a range of sustainable and eco-friendly handmade soaps. What started as a Senior School CCA project has expanded into a full fundraising initiative, with all profits donated to our United World Schools project supporting Veal Reyoung school in Cambodia. 

Finally, students were able to purchase cookies baked by Shanghai Young Bakers and decorated by our Year 4 students. This is an organisation that provides employment and bakery skills to under-privileged youth in Shanghai. The students loved getting involved with this project, and every sure did enjoy eating the results!

After the Winter Fair came to the Winter Concert, a veritable feast for the ears. The concert included performances from both the Junior and Senior Orchestras as well as the Junior and Forte Choirs. The students aimed high for this concert by attempting some challenging music! The students and teachers hard work paid off, and it was a lovely event, all live-streamed to the outside world in high definition. 

 After the concert, the community gathered around the College Christmas tree for carols and the tree lighting. Seeing the tree light up and hearing the rousing rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in both English and Mandarin was inspiring!

Following on from the amazing Winter Ball on 21 November, and the Winter Fair, Winter Concert and Tree Lighting last week, the Christmas events at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi are just heating up. This week we will enjoy Nursery Christmas performances, as well as the Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Choirs carolling at the Amanyangyun Resort and the InterContinental Hotel - Jing’an. 

Here at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi we sure do know how to celebrate the festive season. 


虽然家长们无法到场参加,今年的圣诞集市依然充满了欢乐。学生们轮流来到浦西的Pop-up商店购买来自“Hearts and Hands”的手工圣诞饰品。“Hearts and Hands”是一个位于云南省的慈善机构,他们与聋哑儿童一起制作美丽的手工圣诞装饰品。德威浦西每年与他们合作,将这些装饰品卖给我们的社区,帮助他们筹集资金,同时也为那些身体残疾的人提供就业机会。

今年的圣诞集市还包括“德威环保店”,这是一个由学生主导的项目,他们策划、采购原料、创造、销售一系列可持续和环保的手工皂。起初这只是中学部的一个CCA项目,现在已经扩展成一个完整的慈善捐款计划,所有的收入都将捐赠给我们与United World Schools联合支持的柬埔寨的Veal Reyoung学校。



音乐会结束后,大家围绕学院的圣诞树唱起了圣诞颂歌,在中英文演绎了 "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"之后,在学生们的倒数声中点亮了圣诞树,精彩的一天拉下了帷幕。