Learning pathway in secondary: French and Spanish

Published on 2020-10-13

Mastering a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures and fosters a global mindset in young learners. At Wellington College International Hangzhou, we always focus on developing pupils’ confidence and fluency in language acquisition.

Starting from this academic year, French and Spanish have been successfully introduced into our curriculum. It is amazing to see our pupils embracing learning a third language with continuing regular learning in English and Mandarin. When they graduate from the College, it enables our pupils to express their ideas and thoughts confidently and fluently in spoken and written languages. This is also central to our curriculum.

In this article, Ms. Catherine Rakotondradano, French and Spanish teacher, offers a brief introduction about the two additional languages now being offered in the secondary school.

In the subjects of French and Spanish, a pupil will plunge oneself in a programme of study that equally develops the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Guided by the Cambridge IGCSE requirements and syllabus, this programme will enable our learners to reach a level of fluency which involves the following topics: family and friends, personal interests, health, school, holidays, future career, environment, to name but a few. Simple vocabulary and grammar will be introduced initially and revisited throughout the course, with more complex structures studied as we move forward. 

Opportunities for all pupils, to become independent learners and achieve their potential through differentiated teaching approaches, will provide them with the experience of a challenging, stimulating and relevant learning environment that will fulfil their present and future needs, generating valuable and distinguished proficiency. The intercultural skill, fundamental component of learning any language will be a crucial part of the learning experience throughout the course; effective communication and cultural investigations are used to educate the pupils to develop an open-minded approach to the diversity of cultures.

Learning a language is a skill for life that anybody can benefit from in many ways: travels, career opportunities, etc. However, learning a language at Wellington College International Hangzhou is also a life changing experience. The school offers all Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils the opportunity to study French and Spanish, a distinguished advantage leading them to the IGCSE examinations. Pupils are then able to analyse not only the linguistic elements of the subjects, but explore the cultural aspects of the languages, improve their cultural understanding which develops their intercultural competence and mindfulness. Learning a language at Wellington College International Hangzhou is the insurance to work in a purposeful environment, where pupils are guided through authentic materials and constantly reflect on their progress and effort. 

About Ms. Catherine Rakotondradano

Born in Paris and raised in a multicultural environment in the French island Martinique, Catherine developed her joy and passion for languages from her youth and numerous voyages. Today, she fluently speaks French, Spanish and Creole with an intermediate level in German and Latin and has begun to learn Arabic. Her next goal is learning Mandarin. 

Following her experience as a teacher in France, Catherine embarked on the teaching journey in the UK completing her PGCE and teaching for two years. As the need for internationalism soon arose, she accepted a position in a British international school in Dubai and spent 7 years teaching French and Spanish up to IB level. 

As an educator, Catherine aims to create a climate which enables pupils to excel in the subject. Catherine believes that learning is a life-long process which never ends. Schools have the responsibility to build global citizens, who will be able to make the right decisions for the planet, the community and themselves. Learning a language plays a great part in the construction of those open-minded individuals and Catherine is proud to play her role in the development of foreign languages at Wellington College International Hangzhou and China in general.

Applications are now being welcomed for the 2021-22 academic year.

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