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Published on 2020-08-26

Achieving sustainable growth through proptech innovation in China


Competition in China’s commercial real estate market has been intensifying over the years. Since 2015, supply volume in the Grade A office and logistics markets has nearly doubled, while the prime retail market has seen an increase of about 70%. Many cities in China are expected to see another wave of peak supply in the next five years. On the demand side, the rapidly changing real estate market is further complicated by China’s economic slowdown, global uncertainty, as well as the rising expectations of end-users. In order to respond to these changes while mitigating the risks, industry stakeholders such as landlords, developers and investors are actively seeking innovative solutions to achieve sustainable growth.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is sweeping the world with increased interconnection, automation, and “smartification”. At the same time, China is anticipating its next steps by setting strategic goals and developing an innovation-driven economy. Technology has transformed many aspects of established industries such as finance, transportation, education and manufacturing. We believe that real estate is next, and that in China, the window of opportunity has already opened.

JLL defined proptech as “the utilization of [address] challenges in the real estate sector” in our 2018 report, Clicks and Mortar: The Growing Influence of Proptech. This report, however, focuses on proptech and its applications in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which emphasizes technological leaps in connectivity, automation and intelligence. Throughout the paper, we will discuss:

  • The role of proptech in reimagining the future of real estate
  • The types of proptech and their application in the commercial real estate market
  • The benefit of building a proptech ecosystem to drive innovation


中国商业地产市场的竞争已进入白热化的阶段。从2015年至2020年上半年,中国商业地产市场的新增供应总体上保持高位,二十 个主要城市的甲级办公楼和物流地产市场总体量均接近翻番,优质零售物业市场总体量增长近70%。其中一些城市在未来五年内 仍将面临新增供应高峰。在需求端,商业地产正面临愈加复杂多变的市场格局,其中最主要的挑战来自于国内经济增速的放缓、 全球市场环境不确定性的增加、以及终端用户不断提升的需求。积极寻找新的赋能方式来提高应对变化和抵御风险的能力,成为 业主、开发商、投资者及其它市场主体所关注的焦点。

与此同时,以互联化、自动化、智能化为核心的“第四次工业革命”浪潮正在席卷全球。“创新驱动”业已成为促进中国经济社 会发展的重大战略。在金融、交通、教育、制造等行业的各个细分领域,新兴科技正在以史无前例的速度融合渗透。对于中国商 业地产行业而言,通过科技创新驱动转型升级的时代机遇已然到来。

仲量联行在2018年发布的《鼠标+水泥:房地产科技日益增长的影响力》报告中,首次将“房地产科技”定义为“任何被用于房地 产行业以应对市场挑战的新兴科技”。在此背景下,本报告聚焦“工业4.0”浪潮中,围绕互联化、自动化、智能化而兴起的一系 列房地产科技及其应用,并重点探讨以下内容:

• 房地产科技在重塑商业地产价值中所扮演的重要角色
• 房地产科技的主要类型及其在商业地产各物业市场的应用
• 房地产科技生态圈在推动行业创新发展过程中所发挥的作用

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