Travel information (week of 27 Jul)

Published on 2020-07-29

New nucleic test requirements for passengers entering China

In a recent announcement by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the GeneralAdministration of Customs, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all Chinese and foreign passengers who plan to enter China by flight must complete the nucleic acid test within 5 days before boarding. Tests must be conducted at facilities designated by Chinese embassies in host countries. Respective Chinese embassies will assess the testing capacity of host countries and proceed with travel procedures when testing conditions are met. For a detailed breakdown of the procedures, visit
Fees reduction measures, monetary and financial policy recommendations to help businesses

China recently introduced a series of fee reductions for businesses to help stabilise their economic outlook and rebuild market confidence. The announcement is aimed at helping enterprises – particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as those in manufacturing and service industries.

Some of these measures include reductions and waivers to electricity fees, port costs, highway tolls, telecommunication rates, and oil liability insurance. Financial institutions are also urged to consider measures that will help to help to lessen the pressure on companies, enterprises and SMEs. Measures announced by the State Council include:

Fee reduction measures

  • Lowering industrial electricity costs by 5 percent
  • Removing civil aviation development fund contributions
  • Scrapping port construction fees
  • Cutting shipping pollution insurance payments in half
  • Reducing the average telecommunications rates by 15 percent

Monetary and financial policy recommendations to ease corporate burden

  • Reducing loan and bond interest rates
  • Issuing preferential interest rates loans
  • Implementing deferred principal and interest payments for small and medium-sized enterprise loans
  • Supporting the issuance of small and micro-enterprise unsecured credit loans
  • Decreasing bank charges

FCM’s latest white paper on hotel hygiene: Baring a Clean New World to Travellers

Duty of Care and what this actually means
When managing business travel, Duty of Care and your travellers’ wellbeing should always be at the forefront. No one wants to put employees at risk, and no business travel is worth sacrificing a traveller’s safety.
A key component of Duty of Care and your travel policy is choosing your suppliers carefully. It’s important to use reputable suppliers, particularly for hotels, as this will affect a traveller’s overall travel experience and the travel manager’s ability to assist in emergency situations. You don’t want to compromise on safety or quality, so if you are using local suppliers, make sure they have been vetted or are recommended by your travel manager.
In FCM’s latest white paper focusing on safety and hygiene protocols and procedures, we consolidated the most up-to-date information on what hotels are doing to keep their properties clean and also share what businesses can do to support travellers so they can travel with ease and peace of mind. We also included a 2020-21 Hotel Perspectives report, which explores the position of corporate hotels and guests due to the impact of COVID-19, and what hotel contracting and strategic rates shift may look like in 2020-21. Finally, we also shared the top five tips to get your business ready for resumption of business travel! To read more, download the white paper here:

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