The Now Consumer

Published on 2020-07-15


Where next for the Now Consumer?
Mapping future moments of opportunity

‘Now’ isn’t just about time; it also reflects an emotional expectation in our consumers. They live and breathe in the here and now. And sharing that moment is where we all want to be.

How do we stay in touch with the Now Consumer? And how do we go about mapping their interconnected journey? By bringing our unique view of how today’s products and services are shaping our future together in one place. Where our experience can help plot the potential pathways of our future NowConsumer.


“零时差”不仅是时间概念,更是反映了消费者 的情感和体验需求。他们生活在此时,呼吸在当 下。共享这一时刻,是我们共同的目标。

如何与零时差消费者保持联络? 如何描绘其相互连接的消费者旅程? 通过整合我们的独特视角, 我们将深入洞察当下的产品服务如何共同塑造未来,用我们的经验助力谱写零时差消费者的未来 路径。