Celebrating Another Year of Leading IB Results

Published on 2020-07-15



Amidst the challenge of online learning and COVID-19, our graduating class of 2020 completed their Internal Assessments for submission to the International Baccalaureate Organization for the May 2020 session. I am delighted to announce, as well as a 100% pass rate in the IBDP, our Dulwich Pudong students averaged a fantastic 37 points, well above the global average, and 29% of our IB Diploma students achieved 40+ points. I am extremely proud of the students who showed great resilience and determination in what was a challenging time. They kept positive and focused whilst the world was in turmoil; no mean feat.


As Head of College, it is important to me that we create a culture where every child can achieve their personal best and even go beyond what they believe is possible. I am proud of the breadth and depth that the College offers to ensure success across a wide range of subjects. We offer 45 IB programmes of study, over half of which the class of 2020 received an average of above 6 points out of a possible 7. These include sciences (Chemistry Higher Level 6.2, Biology Higher Level 6.2), languages (Mandarin 6.2, English Higher Level 6.1) through to the arts (Music 6.5, Theatre Arts 6.7). This year, 23% of our students received a bilingual diploma meaning that they received a 3 or higher in two first languages. Three students achieved an outstanding 44 points out of the possible 45.

We celebrate results because they represent our students’ academic journey with us. With 100% of our graduating class of 2020 matriculated, they will now continue their education at a range of world-leading universities, including Stanford, Brown, Durham, Tsinghua, Royal Northern College of Music, HKUST, Imperial College, Barnard, Tufts, NYU Abu Dhabi, London School of Economics, NYU Stern Business School and many more, studying a diverse range of subjects including psychology, international business, medicine, opera, social work, history, acting, politics and international relations, biochemistry, marine biology, and pharmacy.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020 and we wish you all the best.

Caroline Taylor
Head of College
受新冠疫情影响,今年的大部分课程从线下转至线上。尽管挑战重重,但本届毕业 班的同学们仍顺利完成了2020年5月阶段的内部评估,并提交给国际文凭组织。在 此,我十分高兴地向大家宣布:浦东德威的学子们不仅在IBDP考试中取得了100% 的通过率,且平均分更是高达37分,远高于全球平均水平;此外,所有参加IB文凭 项目的学生中,有29%获得了40+的高分。我为同学们感到骄傲!面对挑战,他们 表现出了极大的韧性与决心。在复杂多变的形势下,他们始终保持积极与专注—— 这一点尤其难能可贵!
作为校长,我一直坚信,应该为孩子们创造一种可以使他们每个人都发挥出最优水 平,甚至超越自身极限的校园文化。我很自豪的是,德威提供了涵盖不同领域又极 具深度的学习内容,确保学生可以在不同学科上取得成功。我们开设了45门IB学习课程,其中2020届的同学们在半数以上的课程中取得了6分以上的平均成绩(满分 为7分)。这些课程包括科学(高阶化学:6.2、高阶生物:6.2)、语言(中文: 6.2、高阶英语:6.1)、艺术(音乐:6.5、戏剧艺术:6.7)等等。今年,我校 23%的毕业生取得了双语文凭。这也意味着,他们在两门母语科目上均获得了3分 以上的成绩。另外,有三位同学在45分的满分中,取得了44分的优异成绩。
我们为学生们所取得的成绩而欣喜自豪,因为这反映出他们在德威的学习历程。我 校2020届毕业生的大学录取率达到了100%,今后他们也将在全球各大名校中继续 深造,其中包括:斯坦福大学、布朗大学、杜伦大学、清华大学、皇家北方音乐学 院、香港科技大学、帝国理工学院、巴纳德学院、塔夫茨大学、纽约大学阿布扎比 分校、伦敦政治经济学院、纽约大学斯特恩商学院等,所学专业涵盖心理学、国际 商务、医学、歌剧、社会工作、历史、表演、政治和国际关系、生物化学、海洋生 物学、医药学等各大领域。


Caroline Taylor 校长