Tricor China x BSI China Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Published on 2020-07-10

On 3 July 2020, Tricor China and BSI China held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony in Shanghai.

The two sides decided to cooperate in a number of business integration fields in order to achieve a win-win development with complementary advantages.


Zhang Hailiang, Tricor China CEO and Zhang Ming, BSI Greater China Managing Director, on behalf of the two companies signed the agreement.

After MOU signing the session, the representatives of two parties discussed the details of the friendly follow-up cooperation and reached a positive consensus. Based on each other's advantages, Tricor and the BSI will cooperate in the field of overlapping industry customers. 

Future cooperation will cover: organization's internal risk control and compliance solutions, smart working consulting and white papers, and a series of joint branding activities, etc. In addition, the two sides will share relevant industry trends and market information such as foreign investment, certification services, and quality inspection technical services.

The two sides also unanimously stated in the ceremony that Tricor and the BSI still have many opportunities for in-depth cooperation and space worth exploring in the future. As a cornerstone of cooperation and development, this strategic signing will help us deepen our understanding of each other, promote complementary advantages, jointly improve service capabilities and customer experience, and achieve a broad win-win blueprint.

For more information, please contact:

Phoebe Chen
Marketing and Business Development Manager, Tricor China