Pao students launch school's first ever Chinese literary journal

Published on 2020-06-15

Recently, a group of literature enthusiasts in YK Pao High School launched Rebirth, the school's first student-published Chinese literary journal.

"Literary youth" - this term has a retro 1980s feel, a bit removed from the ultra-connected world of Generation Z. Yet when we meet these young people and become familiar with their thought-provoking writing, we can feel that they have keen literary minds and that Pao School provides an environment in which children can explore literature freely.


I was so delighted to hear that YK Pao students were starting a Chinese literary journal. It is just the sort of thing that intellectually talented, curious and ambitious students should be doing. It is particularly pleasing that they have this passion for and interest in Chinese literature. Their academic aim may well be to study at a Western university but for them to have a love of the culture and literature of their home country is an absolutely vital aspect of a YK Pao education. I wish them every success in this new endeavor.


——Mark Bishop,
High School Principal and Head of Songjiang Campus

Rebirth Content Preview

The first issue of Rebirth is divided into five sections. In the first part, "False Reality and Real Dreams" (novel), you will discover the magic that's present in daily life, and you will see the story of how Zhang Gan perishes because of extreme exhaustion and then is reborn in the underworld. Part II: "Rolling Wheels" (essay) discusses some of the stories of our troubled times. Part III: "Poetry from the Far Shore" (poetry); In this section, poetry is used as a medium to depict a wild and untamed soul. The fourth section, "Light and Shadow", produced by the Illuminate Poetry Club, shows readers that poetry is as exquisite as jade and the light and shadow are interlaced. Part V: In "Melodious Singing," (prose), the stories will activate a profound nostalgia in you, taking you on a journey to the past.

The journal is currently under review and will be available shortly. We are looking forward to reading it!