Circle Harmony United Medical Talents to Promote Academic Development 汇聚中外医学人才、共促科研学术繁荣

Published on 2019-11-26

1st Circle Harmony Academician Conference Came to a Successful Closure

The 1st Circle Harmony Academician Conference came to a successful closure at October 23rd, 2019, uniting Chinese and international medical talents to promote scientific research and academic development. Prof. Peter Barnes, the world-class leading expert in Respiratorology was invited to the Forum, and many representatives were also invited from Department of Respiratory and Critical Care from Grade-A tertiary hospitals such as Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Huadong Hospital and Shanghai Dongfang Hospital. The Conference aimed at in-depth sharing and discussion on advances in COPD and respiratory disease case studies.

2019年10月23日,第一届“圆和医疗院士论坛”圆满落幕。论坛本着“汇聚中外医学人才、共促科研学术繁荣”的目的,邀请享誉国际的呼吸科学术带头人Peter Barnes教授及上海市瑞金医院、上海市中山医院、上海市肺科医院、上海市第一人民医院、上海市新华医院、上海华东医院、上海市东方医院等三甲医院的呼吸与危重症学科代表共同参会,并就慢性阻塞性肺疾病的最新进展、呼吸疾病案例分析等议题展开了深入的分享与探讨。


(Group photo of some attending experts in 1st Circle Harmony Academician Forum 第一届圆和医疗院士论坛部分出席专家合影留念)

The Forum started at 10 a.m., 23rd Oct. Prof. Jieming Qu, President of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Elected Chairman of Chinese Throacic Society and Prof. Qiang Li, Director of Respiratory Center of Shanghai Oriental Hospital, Chairman of Shanghai Respiratory Society, Shanghai Medical Association delivered greeting speeches for the Forum, while Prof. Nanshan Zhong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, also sent a congratulatory video, wishing the Forum a complete success.



(Prof. Nanshan Zhong wishing Circle Harmony Academician Forum a complete success 钟南山院士祝贺圆和医疗院士论坛成功举办)



(Prof. Jieming Qu & Prof. Qiang Li delivering greeting speeches for the Forum 瞿介明院长与李强教授为论坛致贺词)

The academic sessions were jointly moderated by Prof. Guochao Shi, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and Prof. Yuanlin Song, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital. Prof. Peter Barnes gave speeches under the subjects of Advances in COPD and Targeted Treatment for COPD Accelerated Aging, during which he shared advances in evaluation criteria and medication guidelines developed by GOLD (Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease), and emphasized on his new research direction of targeting treatment against COPD-accelerated cellular aging with anti-senescence drugs. After years of exploration, Prof. Barnes and his team have been able to establish a clear flow to show how aging mechanism is involved in COPD. Thus, anti-senescence treatment could be a new direction of COPD treatment. Meanwhile, Prof. Barnes also actively participated in interactions with audience presented and online, bringing the fellows of respiratory area heated Q&A sessions.

随后,正式的学术交流在上海市瑞金医院时国朝教授、上海市中山医院宋元林教授的共同主持下召开。会间,Peter Barnes 教授分别以《COPD的发展》与《COPD加速衰老的靶向治疗》为主题进行演讲与分享,与参会的嘉宾学者共同分享了COPD评级标准、用药指导等方面的新进展,并着重介绍了利用抗衰老药物对COPD导致的细胞老化进行靶向治疗的研究方向:Barnes教授与其研究团队经过多年探索,建立了一个清晰的流程以提示衰老机制参与COPD的发病过程;因而,抗衰老环节的靶位,将为COPD的治疗开启新的方向。同时,Barnes教授也与现场及线上直播观众积极互动,与参会的呼吸界同道们展开了热烈的问答与讨论。


(Prof. Guochao Shi, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and Prof. Yuanlin Song, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital jointly moderating the academic sessions 学术交流由上海市瑞金医院时国朝教授、上海市中山医院宋元林教授共同主持)


(Prof. Peter Barnes sharing his research topics Peter Barnes 教授主题分享现场)

In addition to Prof. Barnes’ excellent sharing, the Forum also invited experts from Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai Xinhua Hospital and Shanghai Huadong Hospital to present and analyze their case studies, followed by discussion and comments by attending experts. After the Forum, Prof. Barnes expressed his excitement to Circle Harmony of witnessing this high-quality event, where all cases were well-prepared with clear evidence. The presentations from six hospitals not only demonstrated the teams’ ability of in-depth research and thinking, but also brought up heated discussion and interchange of ideas between leading experts and scholars.

此外,出席本次会议的上海市瑞金医院、上海市新华医院、上海市第一人民医院、上海市中山医院、上海市肺科医院、上海华东医院6家医院代表也分为上午、下午2组,分别就6个呼吸疾病临床案例进行了汇报、分析、探讨以及专家点评。会后,Peter Barnes教授评价道,本次院士论坛交流质量之高、交流成果之硕令他十分激动:每一个案例都代表了典型的呼吸类疾病,六家医院的汇报团队准备周密、列据详实,展示团队深度研究与思考能力之外,更带动了在座权威专家学者们的激烈讨论与交流。

Prof. Peter Barnes is a Senior Professor of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2007, the first scholar specialized in Respiratorology elected in over 150 years. He has published more than 1,000 peer-reviewed papers on asthma, COPD and related topics (H index 164, over 120,000 citations), and written or edited more than 40 monographs. He is the fourth most cited researcher among all kinds of academic articles in the world and the first in clinical medicine. He is a member of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) and Global Initiative for Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) committee. He has also served on the editorial boards of more than 30 journals and given a number of famous lectures. He co-founded RespiVert, a British company that has been acquired by Johnson & Johnson, and developed new inhaled treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma.

Peter Barnes 教授是是英国国家心肺研究所的高级医学教授,并于2007年当选为英国皇家学会院士,是其150多年来第一位呼吸科学者。发表哮喘、慢性阻塞性肺病及相关课题的同行评议论文1000余篇(h指数 164,超过120,000次引用),撰写或编辑专著40余部。他是全球各类学术文章中被引用次数第四多的研究者,在临床医学领域研究被引用次数第一。他是全球哮喘指南(GINA)和COPD指南(GOLD)委员会的成员。他还担任30多家期刊的编辑委员会成员,并进行过多次著名演讲。他联合创立了英国RespiVert公司,该公司已被强生 (Johnson & Johnson) 收购,开发了治疗慢性阻塞性肺病 (COPD) 和严重哮喘的新型吸入疗法。

Mr. Hua Bai, Executive Chairman of Circle Harmony and an advocate of Circle Harmony Academician Forum, explained that the Academician Forum is an international gathering planned and sponsored by Circle Harmony. On the strength of its strong international clinical network resources, Circle Harmony has been actively collaborating with domestic and international hospitals at industrial, academic and research levels. By inviting international leading experts to have face-to-face discussion with domestic experts, Circle Harmony enables academic communications on multiple aspects: research in academic trends, discussion on technology development, sharing on real clinical cases. Circle Harmony Academician Forum gathers global clinical talents, responds to the calling of making Shanghai the medical center of Asia, and makes every effort to contribute to the progress of clinical research in China.



(Mr. Hua Bai, Executive Chairman of Circle Harmony, delivering the closing remark 圆和医疗执行主席白桦先生致闭幕辞)

About Circle Harmony Health
Circle Harmony is the first medical entity established by Circle Health UK in Greater China and invested by Fortune 500 companies Taiping Insurance and others, bringing the innovative management concepts and philosophy to China. Circle Harmony is committed to establish international clinical networks with both medical institutions and clinical talents, offering an innovative approach to healthcare and chronic disease management integrating prevention, consultation and rehabilitation. We strive to integrate domestic and international clinical resources with exceptional concierge service that delivers clinical excellence beyond expectation. For more information, please contact: 400-999-9260

圆和医疗是英国Circle Health医疗集团在大中华地区成立的首家医疗机构,与中国世界500强企业太平保险集团等合作,将英国Circle Health创新的医疗管理系统、健康管理模式及礼宾服务理念引入中国。圆和致力于建立国内外医疗机构与医学人才紧密合作的跨国际平台,为您提供集预防、医诊和康复三位一体的全面健康与疾病管理服务体系;将国内外临床资源和礼宾服务相结合,创造超越病患所期待的医诊服务体验。详询请洽:400-999-9260

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Circle Health is a partnership company founded by more than 3500 consultants from prestigious healthcare facilities in UK. Today, Circle Health has facilities in Reading, Bath, Birmingham, Bedfordshire and Greenwich etc., running hospitals, rehabilitation centers and health service centers around UK, which have received extensive praise and ratings. Circle Health’s efficient management systems and innovative services integration have led it to run public NHS system hospitals successfully for over 10 years. In the year 2015, Circle Health was ranked No. 1 Private Hospital in UK in LaingBuisson Award, and has become a role model of embracing various systems and consolidating healthcare resources.

关于英国Circle Health 医疗集团
英国Circle Health医疗集团是一家由超过3500名医护人员发起创立的合伙制医疗机构,拥有来自英国各大医院及医学研究中心的医生合伙人资源。时至今日,Circle Health 在英国雷丁、巴斯、伯明翰、贝德福德郡和格林威治等地方开设多家全科医院、康复医院和综合医疗健康管理中心,获得了广泛的赞誉和好评。凭借其高效的管理系统和创新的服务模式,Circle Health 成功托管、运营政府公立医院达十余年,并荣获LaingBuisson Award 2015年度“英国私立医院第一名”,成为融合不同医疗体制、聚集临床资源的典范。