Consulting Magazine Names L.E.K.’s Helen Chen as Global Leader in Consulting | L.E.K.咨询陈玮荣膺《咨询》杂志2019年全球咨询领袖奖

Published on 2019-11-06

Helen Chen, Greater China Managing Partner in L.E.K.’s Shanghai office, has been named one of Consulting Magazine’s Global Leaders in Consulting for 2019, for Excellence in Engagement.

Global Leader award recipients are recognised for their outstanding leadership qualities and extraordinary influence within their firms and over the entire consulting profession.

Chen, the leader of L.E.K.’s China and Asia Life Sciences and Healthcare practice and Director of the Asia-Pacific Life Sciences Centre of Excellence, is an expert and business leader in China’s healthcare and life sciences industry. With 30 years of consulting and industry experience, Chen has served over 300 clients in their China and Asia expansion strategies, helping them navigate changes in China’s accession to the WTO and current headwinds in global trade relations, as well as volatilities in between.

“Helen launched L.E.K.’s China Life Sciences practice, which has organically grown to a substantial part of our overall China practice. She’s built a reputation as the go-to person in China healthcare and life sciences,” said Nick Holder, Partner and Head of L.E.K. Consulting’s Asia-Pacific region. “We couldn’t be prouder of Helen’s achievements and congratulate her on this well-merited award, as she continues to make considerable contributions to our organization and our clients.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to receive this award from Consulting Magazine, but I must share the credit with my colleagues and clients, who have made it all so gratifying and worthwhile,” said Chen.

Helen will be honored at a gala awards dinner on 5 December, 2019, in London.

L.E.K.大中华区主管合伙人陈玮(Helen Chen)被《咨询》杂志评选为2019年全球咨询领袖之一。该奖项是对咨询领袖杰出的领导力和其在公司及整个咨询行业的卓越影响力给予的表彰和认可。


L.E.K.合伙人兼亚太地区业务负责人尼克•霍尔德(Nick Holder)评价说:“Helen建立了L.E.K.在中国的生命科学业务,在她的领导下,生命科学业务已经成长为中国总体业务的重要组成部分,她本人也已经成为享誉中国医疗和生命科学行业的咨询专家。我们为Helen的成就感到自豪,她获得这个奖项当之无愧。我们相信她将继续为公司以及客户做出更大的贡献。”