An Immersive Experience Embracing British Lifestyle with Best of British 2019

Published on 2019-08-21

Best of British, the largest ever showcase of British Brands in China, will take place at Shanghai Exhibition Centre between 17-20 October 2019.

The 4-day event, following the theme of “Power of the UK”, features 300 major brands from across UK and transports London’s West End, the biggest shopping district in Europe, to Shanghai. The Best of British 2019 explores the Chinese demand for premium British products and services, featuring a number of sections, including Food & Drink, Fashion & Style, Interiors & Design, Innovation & Technology, Education & British Lifestyle, and Leisure & Tourism. Together, they represent the timeless power of the UK and celebrate British style, innovation and excellence.


Best of British will feature 200 live events, including more than 50 performances, 40 world-class culinary showcases, and 40 fashion shows. Over 100 experts and specialists from different industries will attend this year’s event, culminating with presentations by industry-leading KOLs. The exhibition will not only bring together traditional high-end British brands, but also a series of contemporary and inspirational live events such as the Fashion Catwalk, Taste of Britain Theatre, the Plough Pub and the Royal Jewelry Museum.


Best of British is organised by Media 10 Star in partnership with the British Consulate-General in Shanghai, the Department for International Trade (DIT), and China-Britain Business Council. 

The Six "Power of the UK" Show Sections
Follow our show map to explore the exciting six "Power of the UK" show sections

Power of Fashion & Style

British fashion conjures images from suave West End gentlemen to East London’s hottest streetwear trends. From Barbour to Holland & Sherry, Best of British offers you this complete experience and more, transporting you to East London’s street spirit and the West End’s famous fashion quarter.


Power of Food & Drink

From street food to molecular cuisine, afternoon tea and British pub fare, good food and drink have always been a part of Britain’s charm and elegance. At Best of British, you’ll get to experience authentic and freshly-made fish and chips, just like in Britain, where the pubs start to get crowded after 4pm. Top chefs will also be on-hand to offer amazing selections of local British fare from its wildly popular restaurants.


Power of Education & Lifestyle

British education is more than Oxford and Cambridge. From top-quality basic education to its world-renowned universities, Britain has much to offer, and then some. Many of its prestigious boarding schools are pioneers of education. What exams do you have to pass to study in the UK? Keen to learn tips on enjoying UK student life? Learn practical information from former students, so you can start planning for your own UK learning experience.

Staff from leading UK universities will travel to Shanghai to share insights with visitors. The British Council will also be offering a fashion show that gathers graduate design products from various UK arts colleges.


Power of Interiors & Design

Britain’s sophisticated citizens have discerning tastes for clothing, food, housing, and transportation. From European elegance to modern innovation, British designers are both trendsetters and creators of the classics. Carrying on the UK tradition featuring colors and creativity has become the mark of UK’s modern fashion prowess. This year, the British Council will be offering a series of design master workshops that will increase your understanding of UK design and its artistic sources, helping you to create your own artistic home with UK style.

Do you dream of sleeping surrounded by fine art? It may sound like a romantic luxury, but at Best of British, you’ll get to bring home bold and elegant urban landscape paintings by Rob Pepper, whose unique style combining oriental textures and British aesthetics is sweeping across the world.


Power of Technology & Innovation

Britain is one of the most innovative countries in the world, boasting social and technological creativity. Why is it that UK is the Silicon Valley of Europe attracting global investors and science talents? How is AI growing across UK? Why does Scotland lead the drive of innovation? How have British auto brands carried on with tradition, while boasting the same great look? Best of British will gather the latest innovations from UK, offering the best and most avant-garde services.


Power of Leisure & Tourism

Do you know about the top ten most beautiful beaches in UK? What’s more, UK offers ancient castles, equestrian clubs, countless museums, romantic hotels, and so much more. Whatever the season, you can enjoy a non-stop shopping spree in London, a city that pampers you with classic afternoon tea. All these and more are available for you to experience at Best of British, your first stop to experience Britain.


A Bounty of Highlights Ignites the Venue
Inspire your taste buds, experience the fashion, be British

Highlight 1: Shop elegant just like the royals

British royalty’s favorite, Fulton umbrellas and the choice of West End gentlemen, Fox Umbrellas, offer tasteful options for rainy days. Renowned brand Kent, also a royal favorite, will be working with classic hairdressing artists, who will offer their services at Best of British. Using Kent’s latest released double-sided comb, hairdressing artists will be dazzling visitors with classic British hairstyles. Royal Crown Derby, the royal porcelain brand with a 100-year history, will showcase its vintage dining ware collections. The Queen’s favorite, Swarovski Optik binoculars will also be on display.

Deakin & Francis, a family-run jewelry business boasting a long history of more than two centuries, will showcase its designs and jewelry-making skills. Brompton, specializing in foldable bikes, will demonstrate the magic of transforming their full-sized bikes to small packs in 20 minutes flat, and all without the worry of dirty wheels and chains. Many more British brands will be on full display, boasting the nation’s rich history.

Highlight 2: Michelin chefs inspire your taste buds with good food and drink

Best of British will be offering the Afternoon Tea House, which will feature a rich variety of British cuisine. The British Food section will gather top chefs from executive lounges around the UK. The world-renowned Hayman’s Gin will offer a gin class onsite. Bacardi, known as one of the top ten alcohol brands in the world, will showcase its brand Dewar’s, a unique Scotch experience. The British Food Court, gathering fun street food and snacks, as well as a rich variety of British beers, will also be on hand. All of these highlights and more are sure to inspire your taste buds!

Highlight 3: The world’s top fashion show right at your doorstep

Visitors will get to enjoy a taste of British style throughout the four-day show period. Designer brands from London Fashion Week will be showcasing avant-garde British fashions by working with dozens of independent UK designers and high-end tailor studios. The Designers’ Roundtable will feature the presence of a mysterious master designer, who will be sharing insights on contemporary UK design culture, trends, and concepts. The Make-up Show will also be gathering a variety of British cosmetic brands, where visitors will get to experience and shine the UK style.

Highlight 4: Nearly three centuries of luxury in the Royal Jewelry Museum

Garrard & Co. has designed coronation crowns since the 19th century. The brand was appointed the official Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria herself. They are also the creators of Princess Diana’s renowned sapphire wedding ring. Now Garrard & Co. comes to Best of British to present the Garrard Jewelry Museum, which will feature over three centuries of luxury collections from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana.

Highlight 5: Immersive education experience featuring British Council’s education-themed creative works

The British Council will be offering a UK education-themed creative works show at Best of British. The show will be an exciting and informative session including rich interactive activities, where visitors will get to share insights with students, alumni, and UK higher education institutions, who have come to present their creative works.

Highlight 6: Offline event combined with online purchasing – Best of British E-shop

Best of British is delighted to announce its partnership with Regroup Media & Regroup China to manage the official Best of British WeChat Store. As online purchasing platforms are essential for Chinese consumers, who seek simple purchasing solutions, this partnership will enable participants at Best of British to on-board products and sell cross-border to Chinese customers.

Now you can experience UK without leaving Shanghai! Enjoy the great sights of UK and continue your shopping spree as you engage directly with UK brands online. Make Best of British your top choice. Bring your friends along and immerse yourselves in UK culture. What a treat!

Best of Brtish 2019 Early Bird Special Price:
1-person two-day: RMB 80 (RMB 200 at door)
2-person two-day: RMB150 (RMB 300 at door)

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Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Centre (No. 1000 Yan'an Mid Road Jing'an District, Shanghai 200040)
Opening Hours to Public:
2019年10月19日 10:00 – 18:00 (Last entry at 17:00)
2019年10月20日 10:00 – 17:00 (Last entry at 16:00)

*17-18 October 2019 are trade days. 19-20 October 2019 are open to public.
*The 1-person two-day ticket is personal and valid for 1 adult only.
*The 2-person two-day tickets are personal and valid for 2 adults.
*All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. One ticket one person.
*Best of British will apply photo scan access during the show. Photo will be taken upon your first entry, and shall be checked for re-entry.
*Please purchase Best of British tickets from official channels. Any tickets purchased from non-official channels shall be confiscated. 

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