Dulwich Puxi Welcomes Students to the 2019 Eco-Explorer Camp

Published on 2019-05-29

Dulwich College Puxi recently hosted their 3rd annual Eco-Explorer Camp, welcoming 130 students from across Dulwich campuses internationally.


During the three-day outdoor camp, students were able to participate in a range of 18 hands-on Eco Education workshops, ranging from making Solar Energy, to making Beeswax products, to making film. 


Dulwich College Puxi was delighted to welcome back Japanese award winning TV commercial and film director, Shigeto Sayama who worked with students to create a fantastic film protesting against single use plastics. Dulwich College Puxi students continue to have an incredibly strong voice, leading the challenge on SAYING NO TO PLASTIC, which is the number one environmental concern for students, followed closely by reducing the amount of waste we produce as a society, and animal protection. Click the link https://v.qq.com/x/page/a08736z962a.html to view the film. 

Dulwich College Puxi was delighted to welcome guest speaker, Peter Milne from Target4Green. Target4Green is a specialised, hands-on, community centered company dedicated to supporting schools across the world in their education for Sustainable Development. During his talks and workshops, Peter shared critical thinking and provided crucial links for students to become more aware of the global issues we face together. 

Dulwich College Puxi students are active advocates for sustainability and environmental protection. Over the past 12 months they have achieved amazing success in their commitment to removing single use plastic and reducing the amount on waste produced at the College campus. They have banned single use yoghurt tubs – effectively removing more than 31,350 single-serve plastic yoghurt tubs from the college waste stream. Furthermore, they have also banned all plastic straws, take-away coffee cups and plastic lids from the campus. Again, literally tens of thousands of single use plastic items have been removed from the waste stream.