OC&C: A Generation without Borders - Embracing Generation Z

Published on 2019-02-25

Needy, entitled, ethical – as the first generation to grow up under the public gaze of the internet, Millennials must be the most talked about, scrutinised generation to date. Yet now a new group is making its way onto the consumer landscape: Generation Z

Broadly defined as those born in 1998 and after, this group already makes up 30% of the global population and circa 50% in parts of Africa. In little over a decade, Generation Z will account for a third of all consumers worldwide – presenting vast opportunities for businesses.

But what about Generation Z today? As the oldest members turn 21 this year, and enter adulthood and the workplace, the opportunity for business is already mounting. Businesses – as both brands and employers – are under increasing pressure to understand who these new consumers are and what they want.

This study aims to help businesses do just that. Spanning four generations, nine countries and 15,500 respondents, A Generation without Borders is the widest geographical study of Gen Z consumers to date. Through rigorous analysis of over 12 million data points, our research provides valuable insight into this already misinterpreted generation, revealing many of the values and attitudes displayed by this group of young consumers – and influencers.

Because like the Millennials before them, Generation Z are anything but passive consumers. With this generation we enter the age of the influenced and the influencer, the finsta and the rinsta, the activist and the individual. Welcome to Generation Z.

OC&C_Key Findings

OC&C_Influence on Business

In the report, OC&C goes further into these characteristics of Gen Z and also advises on implications that these have for the business. For details, please download the report below.

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