Master of Science in Project Management Distance Learning Programme

Published on 2019-01-21

The recruitment ceremony has been held successfully at the University of Manchester China Centre.


The launch and recruitment ceremony of Master of Science in Project Management Distance Learning Programme delivered by the University of Manchester was held successfully, which marks that distance learning offered by the University of Manchester has officially entered China. Special distinguished guests Mr. Matthew Knowles(Area Director of British Council)Ms. Sherry Fu(Director of the University of Manchester China Centre)Dr. Ian William Hutt(Head of Distance Learning Operations of Manchester University), and Dr. Paul W Chan (PM Course Director) attended the milestone launch event to witness this glorious moment.

Cultivate international comprehensive and inter-disciplinary talents 

First of all, Ms. Sherry Fu (Director of the University of Manchester China Centre) extended cordial welcome to all the elites who presented the launch event, while reviewed the past ten years of Manchester University China centre. Followed by all the elaborate videos and photos, we appreciated the academic strength of this Red Brick University and his outstanding achievements as a top business school. 


Ms. Sherry Fu (Director of the University of Manchester China Centre)

Ms. Sherry Fu also mentioned, "In the past ten years, the University of Manchester China Center has witnessed more than 1,300 business managerial talents achieving a tremendous career leap through our part time programmes. Today, we are offering more diversified opportunities for those professionals in China – Master of Science in Project Management (Distance Learning Programme) will undoubtedly create the opportunity of career progression for those professionals who are interested in or engaged in enterprise management and project management."

Our distinguished guest, Mr.Matthew Knowles, the Area Director of British Council highlighted that, the fruitful results of the cooperation between the University of Manchester and Chinese universities, research scholars, the Chinese government and many companies are among the best achievements of British culture and education developed in China. It is believed that the University of Manchester China Center will play a more active role in promoting the mutual exchanges between China and the UK in terms of talents, academics and commerce, etc. 

Mr. Knowles also hopes that the University of Manchester China Center can take the role as a messenger and bridge, continuing to actively promote the exchange of culture and education between two countries, and to cultivate more and more elite talents in various industries in China and the UK to lead the progress and revolution of the times.

High technology facilitates the seamless connection between workplace and workshop 

As one of the most famous red brick schools in the UK, the University of Manchester has been committed to providing 100% purely online degree courses for professionals who are interested in seeking career breakthroughs via academic development, by investing in high technology of the university's cutting-edge Internet to break the time and geographical restrictions. Dr. Ian Hutt, Head of Distance Learning Operations at the University of Manchester, shared the strengths and competitiveness of the University of Manchester online courses during the event: Firstly, the University of Manchester online course has a long history and offered online courses in the 1990s; secondly, as a globally highly-ranked top university, Manchester University has strong scientific research strength and excellent teaching quality. The degree certificates to be obtained by our students are exactly the same as those full-time on campus students in the UK. Thirdly, the University of Manchester recruits elites from all over the world, and the university possesses 6 international hubs, which means that our students could also harvest precious global network resources while absorbing the knowledge and improve capabilities during the study.

Magnificent career transformation for professionals 

Subsequently, Dr. Paul W Chan, Course Director of Project Management at the University of Manchester, gave a detailed introduction to the highlights and special features of the Program and shared the benefits of online course for the workplace.  

Dr. Paul W Chan first pointed out that the curriculum of the Master of Project Management at the University of Manchester is based on the professional development needs of the global workforce, taking into account the rigorous academic requirements and professional practice of the UK. Different from the traditional project management teaching, the project aims to help professional managers in this field to establish strategic thinking and comprehensively improve their management skills, not only helping them to develop cutting-edge ideas and tools in project management, but also building corporate strategy for them to view the role of project management in the development of the company. 


Dr. Chan further introduced the deep academic strength and teaching experience of the University of Manchester in the field of project management since the 1960s. For degree programmes in distance education, Dr. Chan emphasized that the university is professionally oriented and instructors and professors are constantly updating the most advanced theoretical systems and project management practices. For part-time students, the theory to be learned in the classroom today is the skill and method that can be applied and tried in the work environment tomorrow, and then you can reflect your experience and experience in your workplace. During the workshop, through communicating and sharing with the tutor and classmates, students can constantly verify what they have learned in their daily work practices and see their growth and transformation in their daily work.

At the same time, the distance learning mode is tailor-made for busy professionals. The 100% online learning mode allows students to study at the top of their majors while working at the same time. No matter where they are, they can go online anytime, anywhere.

What's more worth mentioning is that the Master of Project Management (Distance Learning Programme) not only breaks the time and geographical restrictions, but also provides students with great learning flexibility and convenience. In terms of curriculum, students can follow their own occupations. Students could develop goals, or challenges in the workplace, customizing your own learning plan, and learning modules to enhance your expertise. During the 2-3 year study tour, students will complete 8 core modules in study and dissertation paper. In addition to the first introduction module and dissertation, students can freely choose the learning order of the remaining 7 modules according to their own challenges and needs in their workplace, so as to ensure that the learning in the classroom could be adopted in the real world. 


Dr. Paul W Chan concluded by stating: “It is not an easy job to obtain the master's degree in the UK's top red brick schools. The distance learning degree programme at the University of Manchester is extremely strict with academic quality, which is why we have a worldwide reputation and why corporate employers prefer. Unlike traditional lectures in the classroom, our students will develop their ability to discover problems, analyze problems, and research and solve problems through academic resources. Students will not only be professionally involved in the field of project management."   

In accordance with the concept of “No Boundaries, No Barriers”, China centre endeavors to widen participation in higher education, and provide the distinguishing and transformative experiences to our outstanding students. 

Currently, the Master of Science in Project Management (Distance Learning Programme) of the University of Manchester has opened the enrollment for perspectives in China on April 2019. Students who are interested in gaining more achievements and promotion in the field of project management are welcome to join us!