Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong Students Win ‘Top in China’ Awards | 德威浦东学生获得“中国最佳成绩”

Published on 2018-09-13

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong are extremely proud to announce that two students have recently been awarded with “Top in China’ for their IGCSE results in individual subjects.

Congratulations to Fredric and Lucy who earned their “Top in China’ awards. Fredric achieved the highest mark for World Literature and Lucy received the highest mark for Drama. The awards are a fitting recognition of their hard work and perseverance.

The students will attend the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2018 Ceremony in November. Congratulations to these two outstanding students, their teachers and parents.

Fredric_Year 12   Lucy_Year 12


Fredric和Lucy获得了 “中国最佳成绩”奖,Fredric获得世界文学科目的最高分奖项,Lucy获得了戏剧科目的最高分奖项 。这些奖项是对他们坚持不懈努力学习的认可。