JLL Recognised as a Business Model Leader in the Real Estate Industry

Published on 2017-12-04

JLL wins the “Business Model Leader of the Year” award at the 2017 China Finance Summit Winter Forum.

The 2017 China Finance Summit Winter Forum was held in Beijing on 30 November. With its long and outstanding history of innovation in the real estate industry, JLL (NYSE: JLL) was awarded the Business Model Leader of the Year award becoming the only company in the real estate industry to have won this award.

The China Finance Summit is one of the most influential summits for sharing new ideas in the realm of economics. Based around the theme of “Advancement and Metamorphosis”, the event saw China’s most outstanding enterprises, media figures, economists, entrepreneurs, and representatives of the young business elite gather under one roof to exchange fresh ideas and explore new opportunities in the form of speeches, dialogue, and analysis. In addition, the summit also gives awards to enterprises and figures which have pushed the growth of economy and the development of the society under new social norms. These awards include the Corporate Social Responsibility Model of the Year, the Most Innovative Enterprise of the Year, and the Most Influential Figure of the Year.

KK Fung, Managing Director of JLL Greater China, said: “In the more than 20 years since the company entered the mainland China market, from its innovative service model, to its promotion of deeper integration of digital technology in the industry, JLL is a well-deserved leader in the real estate services industry in China. We are deeply honored to receive this award, and we will carry on exploring and keeping pace with the times while looking to the future, to help our customers achieve their business vision in the ever-changing Chinese market.”

Julien Zhang, Managing Director of JLL North China accepted the award on behalf of JLL and gave a testimonial in which he stated: “There is no end to innovation! This award not only affirms JLL's business model innovation, but also inspires us to continuously leverage our global platform and resources, and our understanding of the local market and customers. This allows us to advocate the most cutting-edge ideas, develop effective business models, and lead continuous progress and change in China's real estate industry.”

Bypassing Tradition - Providing one-stop CRE services

The large and complex nature of the real estate industry has meant that for a long time, many service providers have focused on specialised aspects within it. JLL on the other hand, provides innovative one-stop services to real estate owners and corporate tenants by integrating internal and external resources.

  • The first mixed-use project developed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba – Shenzhen’s Ali Center, is a typical example of JLL's response to the diversified needs of its customers. By providing a complete package of services from pre-consultation, to marketing promotion, to leasing agents, JLL’s one-stop service approach provided strong support which was vital to the success of the project.
  • When it comes to corporate tenants, JLL also provides a full range of services to the Shanghai headquarters of WPP, the world's largest advertising communications group, which includes 26 brands. From location-based leasing and transaction management, to project fitting-out and facility management, strategic resource integration has helped the client to greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

A leader in integration - Combining advanced international experiences with the best local practices

As one of the leading property service providers in the world, by combining advanced international experience with the best local practices, JLL is always at the forefront of an industry in which it has repeatedly set precedents.

  • JLL and the Shanghai Baodi Group, a part of the state-owned Baosteel Group, have entered in to a joint venture to provide high-quality property and asset management services to the major development projects under the Baodi Group. This partnership combines the strengths of both companies, and the strong local resources of this state-owned enterprise coupled with the international practices of JLL, have established a new form of cooperation in China's commercial real estate industry. This successful experiment in to new models for the transformation of state-owned enterprises can be used again in the future.
  • In addition, JLL established a close working relationship with Beijing Guotai Dazheng Balance Land and Property Evaluation Consulting Company as well as Dazheng Haidiren Assets Evaluation Company  (hereafter referred to as ‘Dazheng’). Through this strategic cooperation, JLL became the only foreign company which can provide consultancy service on all the highest level of evaluations in China, providing a more comprehensive service to its clients in a more mature and regulated Chinese market.

Advocating PropTech - Promoting the integrated development of traditional and digital industries         

As technology companies continue to apply data analytics and algorithms to real estate, the impact on real estate companies will become increasingly evident in the coming years. By combining its expertise in digital business and its extensive experience in the global real estate market, JLL is leading real estate technology into a new era. The following are some examples of JLL’s latest innovations:


  • Setting up JLL Spark, a global business which develops and delivers new technology-driven real estate services;
  • Establishing three categories of real estate technology products in the areas of analytics, management and transaction solutions, by developing and acquiring applications, programs and services. These products include PAT, a one-stop smart portfolio analysis tool; VR360, a virtual reality design and decoration service tool; Acumen, an online property management platform; as well as the online platform (meaning “real estate partner”) for the Chinese office rental market.
  • Hiring a robot named JiLL as a receptionist at JLL to provide an example of how fully automated visitor management solutions can work.
  • Developing micro-learning site SmartUp which has seen the creation of a pool of digital innovation and cross-industry technology information to provide continuous learning for its staff.


The Future of Work - Pushing the vision to meet coming challenges

The rapid evolution of technology is gradually blurring the line between reality and the digital world, and the change in the way we work has imposed new challenges for real estate assets. Apart from the changes occurred at the company level, the composition of staff and their needs are becoming more diverse and complicated. Factors such as the increasing mobility of the workforce, needs for more flexible work arrangements, and the growing middle-class, are changing the role work space plays in everyone’s life. After a long period of analysis and research, this year JLL announced the Future of Work, a model unique to JLL. This initiative explores the ever-changing working environment and looks ahead to its impact on the real estate of the next generation of enterprises across five key areas, including a more worker-friendly experience, continuous innovation, digital drive, financial performance and efficient operation. These five areas are closely linked, and they influence each other and play a vital role in increasing a company’s productivity by using the work space efficiently. In the future, JLL will use the model of ‘Future of Work’ to better analyse the condition of a company’s real estate assets, and also to introduce advanced practical experiences and concepts to help our clients to take the necessary action to realise their vision.