Epic Dulwich Ziemek Cup 2017

Published on 2017-04-21

Dulwich Fencing named their most recent competition after the UK national coach Ziemek Wojciechowski, who will arrive in Asia, for the second time, this May to visit Dulwich College Shanghai.

Over 160 registered fencers from across the Asian Olympic fencing zone, 16 International referees from 12 countries (including 7 World Cup and Grand Prix referees), and the events team used for world championships came to run the computer systems. The tournament ran from 14 - 16 April 2017 at Dulwich College Shanghai.

After three days of competition, where many Dulwich fencers really excelled in their performances both as individuals and in country teams:

Joseph took Gold in U11 boy’s foil category ahead of both the 2015 All China Champion and the current number 1 ranked Chinese fencer at U11.


Sophia took Silver and Natasha finished in Top 8 in U11 girl’s foil category and Serena finished in the top 8 of U14 Girls foil category.

Meanwhile, with great courage, Barron, Jessie, Jack and Jon also experienced final piste and international referees in demonstration events to show what they have learnt in the last few months. 

Parents volunteers, Year 9 students and Dulwich fencers from the Fencing Leadership Programme show great community support.

 In May, Dulwich Fencing will host Ziemek Camp and Andrea Baldini and Irem Karamete’s first camp in China! 


本次赛事以德威击剑客座大师、英国前国家击剑队主教练Ziemek Wojciechowski独家授权命名。第一次在亚洲将世界高水准裁判和奥运会规格赛事编排系统应用到U14和U11组别击剑比赛中。


经过3天激烈拼搏,德威剑手不仅在个人赛中有上佳表现,也在国别团体赛中表现出色:Joseph在强手如林的U11男花组别,战胜2015年中国俱乐部总决赛冠军以及当前中国赛区种子选手,夺得冠军;Sophia取得U11女花个人组别的亚军;四年级的Natasha也打进U11女花八强; 8年级的Serena进入U14女花个人八强。


德威击剑在5月将迎来Ziemek训练营以及击剑传奇Andrea Baldini和奥运女花Irem Karamete在中国的首秀训练营。精彩继续中!