B2B Marketing During Uncertain Times - Live Lounge Podcast Series S3E2 & S3E3

Published on 2020-06-03

Our second & third episode of Season Three in the Live Lounge Podcast Series.

This podcast explores how the Covid-19 virus has impacted B2B Marketing across the world. Hosted by Steven Proud, we feature four speakers over the course of two episodes. 
In episode part one, Steven talks to two B2B Marketing agency owners, Michael Meier and Orit Oz, from Germany and Israel respectively. In part two, Steven talks to B2B Marketing experts, Paul Everett and Samuel Njoroge, from the UK and Africa respectively. They discuss the challenges faced by their own clients and various patterns that have emerged during and after the pandemic crisis.
This podcast covers topics such as:
  • Marketing patterns and common client concerns
  • How could have things been done better (in hindsight)
  • How will this virus change the marketing landscape for good?
  • How has each region handled their marketing during this crisis
Key take-aways:
  • Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in all regions. Not just for marketing but also for operations and managing a business.
  • Some world regions have proven to be more resilient due to previous wars and dangerous environments.
  • No one had a decent contingency plan or play-book in place specifically for a pandemic.
  • Digital will play a permanent and key role in the way events and businesses market themselves.