Webinar Review: Managing the physical & mental health of your workforce

Published on 2020-03-16

On 13 March, the Chamber hosted a webinar with Dr. Lujing Zhou, Operation Director of Circle Harmony Health & GM of Xinyong Clinic and Nancy Shi, HR Director at GKN China to share with members insights and experience on COVID-19 protection.

3.13_BritCham Webinar.jpg

Dr Zhou took a closer look at the COVID-19's clinical features and transmission route, updated the fluid situation and shared practical tips on prevention at work in the 'post-outbreak recovery' period. Dr Zhou’s tips cover the following areas:

  • Advice for returnees
  • Taking public transport
  • Guidance for taking a lift
  • At work
  • At a meal
  • Get off from work

Nancy talked about employee caring. It is important for employer to offer long-term health care and psychological support to their people. Nancy's sharing included:

  • Her company’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program) – MBSR ( Mindfulness based stress deduction) which help employees to manage their stress through mediation
  • Two online courses from CEIBS Digital and CEGOS, which also cover emotion topic. These courses are useful to help people understand their emotions and reduce stress during COVID-19 outbreak
  • Pro-actively create “Contagious” Positive energy - daily sunny reading/quota

Nancy also recommended a useful mediation APP '睿心灵犀' which shares world-famous books and courses free of charge. 

A full recording of the webinar, including the Q&A session, together with the presentation slides are available for Chamber members. Please contact Janet Jiang for the downloading details.