Built Environment Committee Meeting Review (recording available)

Published on 2020-03-09

On 5 March, in association with the Department for International Trade (DIT), British Chambers of Commerce in China hosted an online meeting for Built Environment Sector companies.

Tom Duke,  Minister Counsellor, DIT China, British Embassy Beijing and Chris Dunn, Head of Environment and Infrastructure at DIT China attended the meeting. 

Hosted by Nick Holt, Chair of Britcham Beijing Built Environment Committee and James Macdonald, Chair of BritCham Shanghai Built Environment Committee, the 60-minute webinar featured:

  1. Challenges faced by the sector, including summary of BritCham survey and DIT stakeholder engagement
  2. How the UK government is responding to support British businesses in China
  3. The Sector's plan for recovery

Please click here to watch the recording. 

Recording Part 1: 

James Macdonald discussed the impacts on the real estate market in China (slides can be downed here link).

Recording part 2: 

Steven Lynch, Managing Director at BritCham Beijing, shared findings from two member surveys on the impact of COVID-19 on British businesses in China. Please click to download the first survey findings and the second survey findings

Nick Holt also reviewed the second survey in terms of responses from the built environment sector. 4% of total respondents were from built environment sector, among all these respondents:

  • Most of the companies were MNCs from the UK and set headquarters in Shanghai or Beijing.
  • 50% of companies have branches in Wuhan. A large percent of them have significant customer based in Wuhan. 
  • About 50% of businesses expect the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce their 2020 China revenue between 11% and 20%.
  • Some big concerns are the uncertainty and global travel disruption.
  • Remote working seems to have slightly negative impact, in terms of accessing to the sites.
  • By applying vaious methods, all of the respondents have resumed work and expected most of things getting back to normal by the end of March.

Recording part 3: 

Chris Dunn shared a summary of UK government's engagement on the issues being reported recently.

Tom Duke talked more about DIT and UK government's responses to the issues reported, as well as discussed the sector's plan for the recovery in China.  


How can a company get discount for rental from the landlord (state-owned and private owned)?

Chris Dunn: Taking Shanghai as an example, for SOE (state-owned-enterprise) landlords, the criteria are different for each district in Shanghai. Broadly speaking, the SOE landlords mainly focuse on supporting the SMEs. Companies need to look at the requirements of district you are in first.  More details - SH Relief Policy QR Codes & Rental Concessions from 16 Districts.

For private landlord, it seems they have not given free/discounted rental yet, especially for office tenants. For retail, it has been flexible. 

If you have any further questions regarding built environment sector, please contact:

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