Mini Lounge Podcast: 员工保留,你重视了吗?Staff retention — Is it getting enough attention? (S2/E6)

Published on 2020-02-01

This is our sixth episode of Season Two in the Live Lounge Podcast Series, also the first Chinese language edition of the series.


Order of Play (minutes):

00:00:57 关于留任主题的开场(Kathy);小组成员自我介绍(Wendy)Opening on retention theme (Kathy); panelist self introduction (Wendy)
00:02:58 小组成员自我介绍(Ludia) Panelist self introduction (Ludia)
00:03:40 瀚纳仕关于中国员工平均离职率的调查统计(Kathy) Hays survey stats on China staff average turnover rate (Kathy)
00:04:16 中国员工的流动现状以及对员工留用的观点看法(Ludia) China staff turnover situation and employee retention viewpoint (Ludia)
00:06:21 中国员工在工作中有更高的敬业度,但同时也在寻找其他机会(Wendy) Employees in China have higher engagement rate at work, and can look for opportunities at the same time (Wendy)
00:07:09 如何根据公司需求设计留任计划?(Kathy) How to design retention program based on origination needs? (Kathy)
00:07:41 有效留任计划的示例和实用技巧分享(Wendy/Ludia)Examples and practical tips about effective retention programmes (Wendy/Ludia)
00:13:54 组织在发展和留住合适人才方面遇到的挑战(Kathy) Challenges organizations had experienced to develop and retain suitable talents (Kathy)
00:14:37 了解不同员工的真正需求是关键(Wendy) Understand different employees real needs is key (Wendy)
00:19:48 故事分享:一位在公司工作超过30年的员工及他的留任原因(Ludia) Story sharing about what makes one staff stay with a company for over 30 years(Ludia)
00:22:55 满足不同世代需求的创新留任计划(Kathy) Innovative retention plans to cater to different generation (Kathy)
00:24:16 量身定制的计划,对员工表现出更多的认可和尊重(Wendy/Ludia) Tailored program works, show more recognition and respect (Wendy/Ludia)
00:27:44 成功留任措施的衡量标准(Kathy)Retention program success measurement (Kathy)
00:28:05 主动离职率是关键绩效指标之一(Ludia)Proactive turnover rate is one of the KPI index (Ludia)
00:28:38 取决于公司战略和目标,“你想留住谁”是核心(Wendy)Depends on corporate strategy and objective, ‘who’ you want to retain is the core (Wendy)
00:29:49 员工留任的建议(Kathy) Suggestions on retaining employees (Kathy)
00:30:23 留住员工的秘诀:金钱、归属感、用情怀留住员工的激情(Ludia)
 Tips on retention: money, belonging, visionary inspiration (Ludia)
00:31:02 一个好的挽留计划应该与公司整体战略相一致(Wendy) A good retention program should align with corporate overall strategy (Wendy)

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