Launch of Newly-branded Legal & Compliance Focus Group

Published on 2020-01-22

We are pleased to announce that the previous Legal Focus Group is newly branded to 'Legal & Compliance Focus Group' to provide a forum for Chamber members to discuss new legal, regulatory and compliance developments in the PRC and UK.

我们很高兴地宣布,原上海英国商会法律行业委员正式更新为 “法律与合规委员会”,旨在为商会成员提供一个平台以讨论中英两国的法律法规以及合规发展。

Headed by the Chairs Alex Roberts (Linklaters LLP) and Rebecca Lee (Control Risks), the Group will cover a wide range of areas of PRC/ UK related legal and regulatory issues (such as foreign direct investment law, company law, intellectual property law, employment law, M&A, competition law, international arbitration, banking and finance, etc.), together with applied and business-friendly approaches to understanding and navigating corruption, regulatory enforcement and other risks arising from the ever-growing scope of compliance-related rules and practices in these jurisdictions.

新委员会由联合主席Alex Roberts(英国年利达律师事务所)和Rebecca Lee(化险咨询)牵头,讨论内容将涵盖中英两国的法律、法规问题*,如何界定与理解商业贿赂,监管执行,因合规监管范围不断扩大而带来的其他风险,以及相关司法管辖的规则和惯例。


The Group will hold a range of events including seminars, panel discussions and networking activities, combined with other British Chamber focus groups/committees in both Shanghai and Beijing. These will contain presentations and other sharing sessions led by members, with prominent industry figures and officials also invited to attend.

委员会还将与上海/北京英商会的其他行业委员会合作,举办包括研讨会,小组讨论和社交活动在内的一系列活动。 这些活动将包含由会员主持的演讲和分享,也将邀请业界知名人士和政府代表出席。

The Group comprises legal and compliance professionals, including lawyers, in-house counsel, risk advisors and consultants. We aim to develop a network of people interested in the legal, regulatory and compliance industry in China to share expertise and best practice regarding specific legislation, regulation and practical issues when investing and undertaking business in and from China.

本委员会由上海英国商会会员中的法律和合规专业人士组成,包括律师,企业法务,风险顾问。 委员会旨在为对中英法律法规和合规行业感兴趣的会员搭建平台,分享专业知识和最佳实践,帮助会员理解中国市场,顺利开展业务。

A launch event will be held in February. For more details, please contact Jun Wang

法律与合规委员会计划在2月份召开第一次委员会活动,欲了解详情,请联系 Jun Wang