Mini Lounge Podcast: Higher Education in China – Growth and Globalisation (S2/E5)

Published on 2019-12-16

This is our fifth episode of Season Two in the Live Lounge Podcast Series which is an insightful discussion about the growth and globalisation of Higher Education in China.

Order of Play (minutes):

00:01:08 Why is the globalisation of higher education important? (Richard/John)
00:01:48 The importance of JV university models – mix of East and West (David)
00:02:51 How does tradition shape education today? (John)
00:03:45 The different expectations of Western students versus Chinese students (John/David)
00:05:16 Challenges of creating curriculum for diverse cohorts and the role of technology (David/John)
00:11:45 What's unique about the Antai College? (John)
00:13:02 What's unique about IBSS at XJTLU? (David)
00:14:47 Why do so many Chinese students prefer to study overseas? (John)
00:16:46 Does the Jiao Tong brand help with recruiting students (John)
00:17:55 Students go abroad to build the cultural understanding of the other countries (David)
00:19:03 Chinese companies are globalising and they need globalised talent (John)
00:19:37 The future of higher education in China (David)
00:21:27 Mismatch of supply and demand in China (John)
00:22:32 Changes in the Chinese education system (David/John)
00:24:44 The accrediting system for business schools (John/David)
00:26:04 Are you looking for business acumen or academic rigour? (David/John)
00:26:53 Have you seen a big change in China in the time you have been here? (John)
00:28:31 Peak of growth in inland China (David)
00:30:34 Is there a race to stay relevant? (Richard)
00:32:33 Is there a large amount of government influence in the higher ed system here? (Richard)

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