Live Lounge Podcast: "Maximising Scotland - A China Perspective” (S2/E4)

Published on 2019-12-02

Welcome to our fourth episode of Season Two in the Live Lounge Podcast Series, where we take a China perspective on maximising brand Scotland.


Order of Play (minutes):

00:01:33 About Scottish Development International (Kevin)
00:02:17 Why did you launch the Scotland is Now campaign? (Kevin)
00:03:30 How much is Scotland exporting to China and what are the opportunities? (Kevin)
00:05:20 Will 'Scotland is Now' make a real difference to the bottomline of Scottish businesses in China? (Kevin)
00:07:25 Lee Folland introduction about Reuter Communications
00:08:05 What is the appetite for premium foods and luxury products in China? (Lee)
00:09:18 Define the growing middle-class of China and the different tier cities (Lee)
00:10:21 Will Chinese consumers understand the "Scotland is Now" campaign? (Lee)
00:11:27 Josh Lane from Holland & Sherry introduction
00:12:25 How the brand of Britain resonates (Josh)
00:12:50 Drawing from the Scottish National identity (Josh)
00:13:31 How much is the story of 'craftsmanship' part of the Scottish brand? (Josh)
00:14:18 How would you leverage the brand of Scotland as a B2B business? (Josh)
00:14:53 Sales through relationship marketing (Josh)
00:15:38 Do Scottish brands have to move as fast as China? (Josh)
00:17:28 Jeffrey Xu from Begg & Co introduction
00:18:45 How does the China market differ from the other Asia markets in which you operate (Jeffrey)
00:20:00 Is the Japanese consumer more aware of the products from Scotland than a Chinese consumer? (Jeffrey)
00:20:50 Do you have to tell a bigger Scottish brand story to the Chinese market? (Jeffrey)
00:21:40 Is selling your through department stores your long-term strategy? (Jeffrey)
00:22:16 What is the opportunity in second tier cities? (Jeffrey)
00:22:53 Simon Lee from IMX introduction
00:23:19 The extraordinary growth in the Hong Qiao area of Shanghai relating to imports (Simon)
00:24:49 What does IMX do? (Simon)
00:26:29 Why is importing to China important right now versus 10 years ago in China?
00:28:04 Why is IMX suitable for premium SME brands? (Simon)
00:30:24 How will IMX connect Scottish SMEs to the right buyers and distributors in China? (Simon)
00:31:30 Scottish brands entering China conclusions (Kirsten)
00:31:48 Ahead of Brexit, is now a time for Scottish brands to be thinking about China? (Kevin)
00:34:55 How might Scottish make the first step in Scotland and what else can the SDI provide? (Kevin)
00:36:24 Closing commentary (Kirsten)
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