Live Lounge Podcast: "The Future of the Workplace" (S1/E1)

Published on 2018-06-25

The Chamber's Marketing Focus Group launched its Live Lounge Podcast series. Each podcast is recorded in front of a live audience in Shanghai. The first episode is about "The Future of the Workplace".

On 6 June, the Chamber's Marketing Focus Group held its very first Live Lounge & Podcast Series event at naked Hub Xintiandi. Leading the live panel discussion was Marketing Focus Group chair, Kirsten Johnston, CEO at JWDK. Panelists included Daker Tsoi, CEO at Lifestyle, Jonathan Seliger, CEO at naked Hub, Alex Font, Senior VP at Viking Cruises, and Matt Anderson, HR Director at Jaguar Land Rover. Please click here to learn more about the speakers>>

06062018 (9).jpg 

(From left to right: Kirsten, Daker, Jonathan, Alex, Matt) More photos can be viewed here>>

The future of the workplace is one of the hottest topics in business today. But what do changing work habits and office usage mean for landlords, developers, and HR teams? How are global and local businesses using flexible space to grow in China? And how is it playing out in China compared with the rest of the world? Listen to it now.

Order of play:

02:35 How and when did China start embracing creative and community workspaces such as 'Bridge 8'? (DT)

05:40 Co-work in China and the influence of the share economy. nakedHub, China’s home grown co-work success story (JS)

11:50 When Viking Cruises entered China, why did they choose a co-working space over a standard office space? (AF)

16:00 How influential is human experience and workplace culture today in China? The influence of Chinese millennials. (MA)

22:40 How is China culture embracing the co-sharing work environment? How digital integrates into co-work and workplace communities

27:00 Fengshui and its place in the modern workplace

28:00 The future of the workplace: How should developers, designers, planners and agents react to co-work disruption?

32:09 Audience Q&A: JLL asks how do companies have their own unique identity with a branded space such as nakedHub?

35:18 Audience Q&A: How do you raise the money for such a venture when your tenants can disappear tomorrow?


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