Potential Business Opportunities in Wuhan for UK Architecture/Design Companies

Published on 2017-04-21

On 21 March, invited by the British Consulate-General Wuhan, a Chamber infrastructure delegation included representatives from Arup, Deloitte, Gleeds, and SIP, visited Wuhan to explore potential business opportunities in the rapidly transforming city.

Led by Chris Butland, Consul for Trade & Investment at the British Consulate-General Wuhan, the delegation met with the Wuhan Urban Planning Bureau and Wuhan Planning & Design Institute and discussed potential business opportunities on some upcoming projects, such as the Development of Yangtze River Main Axis and Yangtze River New City.

Opportunity for UK Companies to apply to join the Wuhan Planning and Design Institute’s ‘International Planning Alliance Work Platform’ for the Yangtze River Main Axis Project

The Development of Yangtze River Main Axis project is focussed on bringing alive Wuhan’s ‘river city culture’ and ecological green development. There will be three parts of the axis incorporating seven key functional areas, such as a new Riverside Business District and the Hanzheng Jie Regeneration Project (both currently under development), in addition to the creation of a green, walkable corridor connecting both sides of the Yangtze River.

Although national property developers and Hong Kong property developers lead in capitalising on Wuhan’s urban development opportunities, some UK companies have successfully won business in Wuhan, for example through their contributions in developing the new CBD.

Timetable for the detailed planning of the Axis as announced by the Wuhan Government:

  • End April – complete preliminary planning work, prepare for international consultation
  • May to Sept – international consultation process 
  • Oct to Nov – summing up of the programme
  • End Nov – final results

The Wuhan Planning and Design Institute has established an ‘International Planning Alliance Work Platform’ for the Axis project, and is interested for more creative architecture/design companies to apply to join. For more details about the opportunity, please contact Chamber staff James Dunn


About Wuhan

Wuhan ranks as the No.8 city in China by GDP and the city's economic growth was 7.8% in 2016.  Waves of investment continue to be made in Wuhan’s urbanisation and transport projects, including the development of new business districts and iconic buildings; the construction of 11 subway lines; the re-generation of historical districts (from Wuhan’s foreign concession period); and following the appointment of a new Party Secretary in January, attention has now turned towards establishing a ‘Yangtze River New City’ (reportedly to be the ‘Pudong’ of Wuhan).