Market Research Intern - Suttons International

Published on 2020-11-18

Internship Opportunity

Suttons is an innovative logistics and supply chain company that aims to create a competitive advantage for our customers through a greater choice of products and services,

a determined focus on how we can add value and increase efficiency and industry leading standards of SHEQ.

We are looking for a Market Research Intern. To have a comprehensive study, here are the items relevant to gather & document.

1/ General Data of the Region we are taken under the loop (China, Japan, SEA…..)

2/ Customers 

  • Understanding of the market and Sales Channels
  • Products
  • Who are customers to Suttons Iso Tanks today 

 3/ The Competition


  • Who are main competitors?
  • Where are they located? Size and function per office?
  • What is the focus per office?
  • What is their differentiator in the market?
  • What is their image in the market? Premium brands or medium?
  • Why would customer work with them rather than us?

If you are interested in the role, send your CV to 

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