Admissions Manager - Wellington College International Shanghai

Published on 2020-09-30

Reporting to the Director of Admissions, the Admissions Manager is responsible for the effective organisation and management of the admissions department and all related functions.

Job Title: Admissions Manager
Department: Non-academicpage1image21765056
Supervisor: Director of Admissions - Wellington College Shanghai
Job Description


Reporting to the Director of Admissions, the Admissions Manager is responsible for the effective organisation and management of the admissions department and all related functions. The Admissions Manager will coordinate admissions of pupils at all points of entry for the College, with the objective of maximising enrolment of pupils with high academic, artistic, sporting, musical and creative achievement, and who will embody the Wellington values and identity.

The Admissions Manager will work closely with the Director of Admissions, Master and Heads of School to develop and implement effective admissions policies, processes and procedures, ensuring the efficient operation of admissions functions from initial contact through to enrolment and beyond. The Admissions Manager, working with a team of admissions officers, will meet prospective families, conduct highly professional school tours, articulate the Wellington Values and Identity and ensure that all admissions enquiries are dealt with in a timely, professional and effective manner. This person will ensure the accuracy of all pupil records and documents, as well as reporting on admissions and enrolment status on a regular basis.

The professional image and conduct of this person is crucial in emulating the ethos of the setting. The Admissions Manager must operate in a timely, determined and effective manner at all times. Autonomous, dedicated, determined and professional behavior will be key features of the post-holder’s practice and these will be consistently demonstrated at all times. The post holder must be able to communicate effectively with all stakeholders involved in the functions of Wellington College International Shanghai.

Key responsibilities

  • Management of all aspects of the admissions process.
  • Develop and implement effective admissions policies, processes and procedures in compliance with government regulations and in line with the school’s vision.
  • Be the first point of contact for all enquiries regarding admission.
  • Conduct school tours for prospective parents.
  • Coordinate, organise, schedule, manage, and communicate the logistics of weekly visits, interviews, assessment and tours for each section of the school.
  • Track and respond to enquiries, extensive and on-going phone, email, and in-person communication.
  • Advise parents on criteria for scholarships and bursaries.
  • Prepare new pupil offer letters and parent contracts.
  • Maintain contact and relationships with parents and internal stakeholders throughout the enrolment process until the first day of school, providing ongoing support and guidance.
  • Communicate new pupil enrollment and related new pupil and family information to all internal stakeholders.
  • Manage the re-enrollment process, facilitate retention conversations with current families and manage leavers.
  • Produce breakdown of numbers of current enquiries, enrolled pupils and projected pupils by year group for internal stakeholders, and historical recruitment data to enable accurate projections to be made.
  • Actively represent the school in the local community with a view to increasing enrolment of high quality pupils.
  • Assist with the organisation and attend parent information sessions and other admissions events.
  • Work with the relevant internal parties to maintain the admissions page of the school website, and other admissions related technology (WeChat, Open Apply etc.)
  • Train, manage and evaluate all admissions staff.
  • Manage all other admissions and enrolment functions as required and where applicable.

Job qualification and personal skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Native level English speaker.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience within the education industry, preferably in the Shanghai region.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of people and in cross-cultural environments.
  • The ability to manage an array of responsibilities effectively without compromising on quality.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to manage and present large volumes of data effectively.
  • Technical proficiency and ability to prepare reports in Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Willing and able to work long hours and weekends for events.
  • Able to take initiative and complete projects with little supervision.

For Application, please send your CV anc cover letter to: