British Chamber Shanghai to Deepen Collaboration with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Published on 2020-07-22


On 17 July, the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and Glasgow Chamber of Commerce signed a three-year MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to develop a closer working relationship and further collaboration. 
As a result of a visit in November 2019 to Shanghai by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, it is recognised that there is significant potential to nurture the relationship that exists between Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and British Chamber Shanghai. 
Upon signing the MoU, both Chambers will extend benefits to each other's members and will organise events or trade missions that promote international activity and develop business growth. 
Signing the MoU was part of the Glasgow Chamber's first outbound virtual trade mission to Shanghai and Hangzhou, taking place from 13 to 17 July. In total nine group sessions and 20 B2B meetings were organised between Scottish and Chinese businesses with topics covering market awareness, Life Science, eCommerce, Green Economy and Sustainability. British Chamber Shanghai is one of the organising partners and we would like to thank our members Control Risks, Deloitte, NCUK International Centre Hangzhou, Peak Scientific, as well as Ray Chisnall (Vice-Chair of BritCham Shanghai) and Blair Kelly (Chair of BritCham Shanghai's Scottish Committee) for sharing their insights.
7月13日至17日之间,格拉斯哥商会组织首次线上贸易代表团活动,携会员“访问”了上海与杭州。在为期一周的线上活动中,共计组织了九次小组会议、20次B2B会议,主题涉及市场认知度,生命科学,电子商务,绿色经济和可持续发展。上海英国商会是本次活动的主要合作伙伴之一,我们在此感谢会员公司化险咨询,德勤,英国北方大学联盟杭州中心,毕克气体,以及上海英国商会副主席薛思瑞(Ray Chisnall)和上海英国商会苏格兰委员会主席Blair Kelly的参与和分享。
(Group photo of the closing session of the virtual trade mission.)