Announcement: The UK-China Hub for Offshore Wind

Published on 2019-12-17

The UK-China Hub for Offshore Wind (‘the Hub’) was established by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai in January 2017 to help support UK companies from within the sub sector to enter the Chinese market.

It offered a chargeable “agency” service which provided a flexible, dynamic, low risk, cost-effective and professional means for UK companies to create business opportunities and enter the fast-growing China market.

Over the past three years, the Chamber has established relationships within the sector with the key stakeholders including the main Developers and has been successful in helping UK companies to understand the market and get access to business.

In doing so we have also developed a good relationship with other service providers and agencies who are also active in supporting this sub sector.

Recently the Chamber Executive Committee undertook a review of this activity and decided the following:

  • We are proud of what we have achieved in this area and there has clearly been demand.
  • We recognise and support that this sector is strategically important for British businesses and other organisations with great opportunities. 
  • However, as a Chamber we are keen to ensure we focus our resources on core activities which deliver the maximum benefit for a broad range of members across many sectors.
  • Therefore, we will cease our Offshore Wind Hub activity with effective from 31st December 2019 and reallocate our existing resources to other activities.
  • We will continue to support other service providers and agencies operating in this sub sector. Such support will be primarily delivered through our Focus Groups (especially our Scottish Focus Group and our Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Focus Group).

We are pleased to advise that Scottish Development International (SDI) has agreed to take on a coordinating role, given the strategic importance of this sub sector to Scotland, both from exports and inward investment perspectives and opportunities. SDI will be communicating further on this. In the meantime, if you have any questions on comments please contact: 

Kevin Liu, Head of Greater China & APAC lead for Energy, Scottish Development International



Rosie Hawes
Chair, British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai