A message from the Chair

Published on 2019-10-23

New Appointment

The British Chamber Shanghai Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of James Dunn as the new Head of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Many of you will know James, who since joining the Chamber in September 2016 has played a vital role in serving the Chambers’ members. 

James is excited to lead the Chamber forward into a new era by working closely with our British Chamber counterparts from Beijing, Guangdong and South-West in representing a unified voice for British Business in China, developing UK-China Alumni Initiatives and increasing support for Small-Medium Enterprises. James will continue to ensure members have value for money by developing new initiatives for the membership and supporting the Executive Committee in implementing the Chambers’ strategy. 

Phil Roebuck will be stepping down at the end of this year and will assist James during this transition period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil on behalf of his friends and colleagues for his immense contribution to the Chamber over the past eight years.

New Executive Committee

I would like to take this opportunity to provide some further updates on the work of the Chamber and the new Executive Committee, which has been in place since May. With the potential for Brexit on the horizon, ensuring smooth UK-China commercial relations has never been more important. Through supporting the British Chamber in Beijing with the production of their annual Position Paper for British business in China, we are actively seeking to ensure members’ perspectives are reflected. We encourage you to get involved in the roundtables for the 2020 Position Paper to be held by the relevant focus groups to ensure your voice is heard. The focus groups provide an invaluable channel between the Chamber’s secretariat and the membership and they therefore welcome members’ feedback, suggestion for events or other activities to strength the British business community – all contributions welcome! 

British Business Awards 2020

In 2020, British Chamber Shanghai is excited to be hosting the British Business Awards in Shanghai. The awards are a fantastic opportunity for British Business to promote successes, compete against the best that Britain has to offer and celebrate all that is great about British Business in China. Further information will be released soon. 
If you have any questions about the work of the Chamber, or requests for support or suggestions for new initiatives, please feel free to contact James or me directly.

I hope to see you all soon!

Best Regards,

Rosie Hawes
The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai