[Review] British Chamber Shanghai Annual General Meeting 2018

Published on 2018-05-30

Last Thursday on 24 May, the Chamber hosted its 2018 annual general meeting (AGM) at the Chamber office in Zhang Yuan.

The AGM was a night dedicated to sharing the various milestones the British Chamber Shanghai has realised in the year 2017 with our dedicated members. From a successful office move & renovation to a 15% increase in membership, the Chamber has surpassed many of the goals we set out for ourselves in 2014. 

Increase in member services

The aforementioned goals were all founded in one larger goal for the Chamber, to evolve and grow in size. The most prominent manifestation of this goal has been the transformation of the Chamber into a legal business entity through our WFOE. This process has not only ensured that we operate as a legal and compliant Chamber but has allowed us to expand the tailored services that we can offer to our members. In addition to traditional services such as information sharing events and business connections, the Chamber now offers more value-added services, such as event consultancy, training services, and member to member promotion.

Establishment of UK China Offshore Wind Hub

Another important development that occurred in 2017 was the establishment of the UK-China Hub for Offshore Wind. Originally as the business Chaperon service, this has evolved to focus on a specific industry sector, the offshore wind.  This is a sector where the UK has considerable differentiation and advantageous products and services, to meet China’s alternative energy ambitions and opportunities. With the endorsement of DIT, Renewable Energy UK and Scottish Development International, the Chamber became the virtual agent of British companies seeking to enter the China market.  Today, it is a valuable service, which provides diversified revenue for the Chamber and has demonstrated real and considerable business success for its members. 


It was a very successful year in terms of CSR activity; the committee had eight meetings, supported two visits to Lixin, donated to seven charities, vetted applications from 23 organisations, and so much more. The Chamber managed to raise over RMB 270,000 for various charities in 2017 which, through various organisations, gave children new glasses, refurbished classrooms, provided shelter, etc. For the year 2018, the CSR committee has chosen to support Shanghai Young Bakers, HandsOn Shanghai, Bo’Ai Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, and Stepping Stones. For the upcoming year, the committee hopes to review fundraising options, support members’ CSR activities, and introduce matched giving.


At this most recent AGM there were various positions up for election. Members voted to re-elect Mark Graham as Vice Chair to the board. As well, James Gathercole, Landa Guo, Rosie Hawes, and Alan Hepburn were elected as at-large members. We are happy to welcome them to the Executive Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai!