Updates on the UK-China Offshore Wind Week

Published on 2018-03-28

From 19 to 23 March, the UK-China Hub for Offshore Wind (the Hub) attended the UK-China Offshore Wind Week organised by the Department for International Trade (DIT).

During the week, the Hub representatives and British companies met with various Chinese developers, design institutes, manufacturers, installers and other key players in China’s offshore wind sector, including:

  • China Three Gorges
  • Haixia Electricity Generation
  • CNNP Guodian Zhangzhou Energy
  • SPIC Jiangsu Electric Power
  • China Huaneng Group
  • Guohua Energy
  • Jiangsu Longyuan
  • Guangdong Yuedian Group
  • China Southern Power Grid
  • Dongtai Shive Investment and Management
  • Zhongtie Fuchuan Marine Engineering
  • Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry
  • Shanghai Investigation Design and Research Institute
  • Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited
  • Jiangsu Power Design Institute
  • Huadian Heavy Industries
  • Jiangsu Longyuan Zhenhua Marine Engineering
  • CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment
  • China Classification Society
  • Goldwind
  • Shanghai Electric
  • Mingyang Wind Power

During the workshops and roundtable events of the week, senior representatives from the above companies discussed with the Hub and British companies on key projects in the pipeline in China, as well as challenges that the Chinese projects are faced with.