Career Opportunities at the Chamber: Membership Administrator, Events Manager, Business Committee Manager, Events Intern

Published on 2018-02-27

The Chamber currently has vacancies for Membership Administrator, Events Manager, Business Committee Manager, and Events Intern.

Vacancies: Membership Administrator, Events Manager, Business Committee Manager, and Events Intern

Membership Administrator

The successful applicant will liaise with the British Chamber Shanghai membership in order to manage applications and renewals as well as maintain and enhance the Chamber’s membership database. As a member of the marketing and communications team, the successful applicant will be trained to maintain and update content for the Chamber’s website, social media and e-flyers.


  • Manage processing and approval of the membership application and renewal process
  • Maintain a dynamic online membership database
  • Ability to perform regular data maintenance and updates on membership details with accuracy and consistency
  • Liaise with members regarding the details of the membership application / renewal process and online database system (including phone and email queries) and redirect as necessary
  • Provide metrics and analytics data and reports pertaining to membership statistics for the month Executive Committee Meeting
  • Maintain the mailing list of members and non-members
  • Coordinate content for the Chamber’s weekly e-newsletter and targeted e-mails
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of Chamber marketing initiatives
  • Manage office administration
  • Assist with additional MarComms, CSR and government relations tasks as required


  • Native Chinese with excellent command of spoken and written English 
  • Well-organised, extremely detail-oriented
  • Ability to follow set processes and procedures
  • Tolerance for repetitive tasks
  • Strong customer service mindset and ability to communicate politely and professionally at all times, even when under duress
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills in both English and Chinese and a willingness to initiate interaction with members
  • Team player with the ability to work effectively in a group
  • Design experience (Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator) is a plus

Events Manager

Summry: Organise and coordinate Chamber events.


  • Work with Chamber Focus Group colleague or potential speakers to plan events, including topic/content/format, date/time/venue, and etc;
  • Manage/update the Chamber’s events master calendar;
  • Manage pre-event logistics, including invitation (work with MarComs/BD), registration, nametags/attendee lists, invoicing, and etc;
  • Manage on-site logistics, including set-up preparation, registration, payment, venue coordination, troubleshooting, and other event execution;
  • Manage post-event logistics, including collect attendees feedback, speaker appreciation, finance report;
  • Responsible to meet and manage expectations of speakers and audience;
  • Create, oversee and manage event budgets;
  • Maintain and manage the event venue/vendor database.


  • Preferably major in events management or related
  • Native Chinese with excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Well-organised, extremely detail-oriented
  • Excellent negotiation and organisational skills
  • Excellent customer service skills and confident in dealing with clients and suppliers
  • Strong sense of urgency, ownership, and work ethic
  • Ability to perform multiple job functions and tasks
  • Ability to multi-task
  • A team player with a proactive and flexible approach to work and enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Flexible scheduling required – including early mornings and evenings during the week

Business Committee Manager 


  • Focus Group Meetings 
  1. Confirm date of next meeting with all members and send out calendar invite/reminder
  2. Arrange meeting venue and F&B (if required)
  3. Draft meeting agenda and send to the FG Chair(s) for review a week before the meeting
  4. Participate in the meeting as Chamber staff and take minutes
  5. Finalise meeting minutes and send to the FG Chair(s) for review, and issue the minutes to all members after approved by the Chair(s)
  6. Follow up with action items in the meeting minutes
  • Focus Group Events 
  1. Confirm event topic, date and time with FG members at the FG meeting or by e-mail after the meeting
  2. Help invite speaker(s) from membership (if required)
  3. Liaise with the speaker(s) or FG Chair/member who leads the event, request speaker introduction and event details for marketing copy, and pass on to MarComs team
  4. Feedback speaker(s)'/FG's requirement on event venue (e.g. location, required equipment) to events team (who will source venue, F&B, fix pricing)
  5. Keep FG updated on RSVP status and work together with MarComs/events team to increase marketing channels (e-mail invite, WeChat, etc.) if needed
  6. Support FG and events team onsite
  7. If it is an event proposed from the membership or another Chamber, liaise with relevant FG Chair(s) for advice, and if decide to hold the event, start with item 3
  • Others
  1. Support FG new member application
  2. Draft FG news (e.g. new Chair/new member) for Chamber weekly newsletter
  3. Answer inquires from FG Chair(s)/members on FGs or non-FG issues (help pass on to relevant colleagues if the latter)
  4. Answer inquires from other members about FGs (how many FGs there are, what they do, etc.)
  5. Other support required by FG Chair(s)/members

Events Intern


  • Organisation of invitations, marketing, registration and follow-ups for Chamber events
  • Liaise with different vendors related for events
  • (Daily) Monitoring and reporting of the statistics of the events
  • Events onsite support
  • Issue fapiaos for event attendees
  • Provide support to the senior manager as required


  • Current university student or recent graduate, preferably major in events management or related
  • Chinese with excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Well-organised, extremely detail-oriented
  • A team player with a proactive and flexible approach to work and enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment
  • Confident in dealing with clients and suppliers
  • Can work at least 3 days a week (Monday to Friday), and at least 3 months of internship.

Candidates please send your cover letter and CV to before Friday, 23 March (email subject: your name + the position you apply for).

About The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai 

The history of the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai dates back to 1915, when it was first founded. Now more than 100 years on, as one of the oldest foreign Chambers still operating in China, the Chamber’s original ethos of helping each other in the interests of growing British trade with China, is as true today as it was 100 years ago.

By holding over 120 events every year, the Chamber offers a vast amount of information and is able to promote the exchange and sharing of expertise among its professional community. The large network to which we offer access to also assists members to raise their profile locally and rapidly expand their business contacts here in East China. Currently, the Chamber represents over 350 companies with around 1,500 cardholding members.

While business activities carried on in full swing, the Chamber also continued with its CSR projects. Through fundraising events such as the annual British ball, the Chamber raised over RMB 500,000 in 2017 for chosen charity projects.

In January 2017, the British Chamber Shanghai launched the UK-China Offshore Wind Hub. Operated by the Chamber, the Hub is a flexible, dynamic, low risk, cost-effective and professional means for UK companies to create business opportunities in China.