[Review] Visa Update Talk from the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Service

Published on 2017-03-13

On Thursday 9 March, the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai was pleased to invite Phoebe Spurr, Business Account Manager (China), UKVI, to provide key insights into the latest visa updates.

During the morning session, Phoebe highlighted key visa developments, with a particular emphasis on the Select Business Scheme and the UK-Belgian Visitor Service

Select Business Scheme (SBS)

Available to businesses across China that require regular travel to the UK, UK Visa and Immigration’s SBS offers a streamlined process with a range of different benefits for its members, including: 

  • Simplified documentation, only the Visa Application Form and an employment letter;
  • Access for all company subsidiaries and branches;
  • A simpler process for members to apply for long-term visas of up to 10 years; 
  • A personal point of contact for emergency visa enquiries;
  • Exclusive training and seminars at the British Embassy;
  • Regular updates on the UK visa service and other key information.

UK-Belgian Visitor Service

Applicable to Chinese visitors interested in travelling to the UK and Belgium as a main Schengen destination, applicants can make both visa applications at the same time at a UK Visa Application Centre. UK and Belgian visas combined give access to 28 countries.  

Key features as part of the Service include:

  • No additional charge to use the service;
  • Quick and efficient process, with a 10 day turnaround.
  • Only required to attend one Visa Application Centre appointment
  • Additional User Pay Services to enhance and streamline the application process.

User pay services

There are a number of user pay services available at Visa Application Centres across China, including:

  • Super Priority Visa service (24 hour processing time)
  • Priority Visa service (3-5 day processing time)
  • Form Filling Assistance
  • Application and Document Checks
  • Keep My Passport When Applying
  • On-Demand Mobile Visa Service (ODMV) 

For a full overview of all services available and more information about how you could benefit from these services, visit the VFS website (link below).