[Review] CFO Forum & GR Committee Roundtable - Working with Government at All Levels

Published on 2016-10-17

On 13 October, British Chamber Shanghai members were invited to attend a CFO Forum & GR Committee Roundtable discussion on 'Working with Government at all Levels', hosted by the AmCham Shanghai.

The inaugural joint Amcham-Britcham CFO Forum promoted lively and active discussion on the subject of how finance and government affairs teams can work effectively together in China to ensure timely delivery on corporate strategy. It was a great opportunity for those present to share successful ideas on how best to prioritize and engage the Chinese Government at all levels, particularly when challenged by issues concerning investment, taxation, anti-trust, M&A, corruption, etc.  Discussion also revolved around how to influence and direct Government policy, key Government stakeholders that all companies should know irrespective of industry sector and the Chinese Government’s shift in emphasis with foreign corporates from traditional attraction via incentives to future contributions to the development of the national economy.

The CFO Forum is held twice yearly with each Forum based around a different and agreed theme proposed by members attending the Forum.