Quarterly Consulate Briefing

Published on 2012-09-18

On Tuesday 4 September, the Consul-General Shanghai, Mr Brian Davidson, hosted the Quarterly Consulate Briefing at the Sino-British College USST.

A quick glance back at the summer highlighted just how exciting 2012 was for the UK, who continuously occupied the centre of the world stage, starting with the Jubilee celebrations, and followed swiftly by the Olympic and Paralympic Games. For the first time in the Game’s history, the Olympics are set to turn a profit, should the UK meet the relatively conservative revenue estimate of attracting £13billion in direct and indirect investments.

**Furthering Trade Links:**

Since May, the Trade and Investment team have been working closely with their UK counterparts to use the Olympics as a hook to introduce more Chinese businessmen to UK businesses, including a ‘China Business Day’ on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony. The event promoted the deep wealth of innovation, creativity and advanced infrastructure that the UK has to offer.

UKTI have also been working closely with the China Entrepreneurs Club, who are committed to mentoring Chinese overseas companies. They have highlighted how Chinese companies are interested in developing extensive CSR programmes and embracing sustainability advances. Assisted by UKTI, members of the China Entrepreneurs Club visited technology parks; met with representatives from large UK banks; and had a brief introduction to the Prime Minister.

The challenge going forward is to build on this strong foundation initiated by the Olympics and continue to develop Sino-British relationships after the global spotlight has passed.

**Consulate Changes:**

The Consulate has started to implement a regional city expansion strategy to see its network extending into several dynamic, second tier Chinese cities – lead officers now appointed in Nanjing, Hefei and Ningbo.

A new consulate in Wuhan has been approved and will hopefully be up and running within the year to promote trade with the rapidly expanding city.

**Personnel Changes:**

A quick update of several personnel changes include:

  • Matthew Forbes to take over as New Deputy Consul-General and head up the regional city expansion campaign.
  • Peter Wickenden, Head of Trade has been replaced by Clive Allcorn.
  • Richard Mills, Head of Science and Innovation has been replaced by Tim Standbrook, who previously used to work for the Consulate in Shanghai.
  • Lastly, in Beijing Andrew Key replaces ChrisWood as Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, with Chris soon to become Head of Post in Taipei.