Small & Medium Enterprises

Mission Statement

The Small & Medium Enterprises Focus Group offers a platform to enhance the commercial operation of businesses with limited resources in China. We plan to do this through peer support and sharing of experience and knowledge with other focus groups. 

British Chamber SME Survey: Impact of COVID-19 for SMEs

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

This brief survey is done in collaboration between British Chamber Shanghai's Financial Services & SME Committees for the purpose of gaining feedback from our SME members about the impact of COVID-19 on their operations and outlook.

Focus Group Members

Chair: Fabrizio Ulivi, Managing Partner, Shi Bisset & Associates


Penny Jin, Founder, iStage
Christine Wang, Senior Business Development Manager, Tricor Consultancy
Connie Zhang, Shanghai Mammoth
Sandrine Delabriere, Founder & Managing Director, Pourquoi pas
Kristina Koehler- Coluccia, Woodburn Accountants and Advisors
Jonathan Chapon, General Manager, Abacare
Maggie Hu, China immigration manager, Santa Fe Relocation
Peter Law, Partner, Tax Service
Vivien, General Manager, Collinson Group

Chamber Executive Committee Sponsor: Linian Li, Country Manager, Modern Water

Chamber Office Facilitator: Jun Wang

Past Events, 2020:

25 May 2020: SME roundtable series – Cash-Flow Accelerator Agenda for SME, it's recording: link.

15 Mar 2020 - Co-hosted with Canadian and Italian Chambers: Start-up Business for Entrepreneurs in China during COVID-19  

26 Mar 2020 SME roundtable series – Business Management for SMEs 

Podcast: Covid-19: The road to recovery for SME in China [Live Lounge Podcast Series - S3E1] produced by BritCham Marketing Committee

Other Programme: SME Helpdesk (started in April 2020) 

Past Events, 2018-2019

14 November 2019 – SME & Financial Service FGs Joint Seminar:  Cross-border Payment for Foreign Companies in China

22 March 2019 - SME & Legal FGs Joint Seminar: Grow & Protect Your Business in China in 2019
18 September 2018 - 10 Reasons Why Some Businesses Are NOT Successful in The Chinese Market
28 May 2018 - Navigating China as A New Exporter
9 May 2018 - SME & Legal FGs Joint Seminar: Protecting Trade Secrets

If you would like to apply for the Small and Medium Enterprises Focus Group member, please send a brief introduction and motivation for joining to Jun Wang.

If you would like to recommend an event, or find more details about this Focus Group, please also contact Chamber Staff Jun Wang.

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