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The Marketing Focus Group offers a platform for marketers and business leaders to proactively share industrial knowledge, best practices and emerging trends, in order to add value to members and their network.

Live Lounge Podcast: "What Do Chinese Consumers Want?” (S1/E4)

Monday, 22 April 2019

This is our fourth episode of Season 1 in the Live Lounge podcast series, where we invite business leaders to tackle major topics and trends impacting business in China.

Focus Group Members

Chair: Kirsten Johnston, CEO, JWDK
Vice Chair: Kathy Lou, Head of Marketing Asia, Hays
Financial Officer: Matt Mitchener, Marketing Manager, St. James’s Place Wealth Management


Janet Jiang, Director of Marketing Communications & Events, The British Chamber of Commerce SH
Lois Bennet, Freelance, Writer, Editor, Content Marketer
Jill Smith, Managing Director, Iris Concise
Steven Proud, Global Marketing Director, Brandigo
Richard Seymore, Senior Marketing Manager, Britannica Intl School Shanghai
Joel Bacall, Client Manager, The Silk Initiatives
Belinda Sui, Head Of Marketing & Offer, China Retail, BP CHC

Chamber Executive Committee Sponsor: Alan Hepburn, Managing Partner, Asia, Advisory Board Architects

Chamber Office Facilitator: Jun Wang

British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai Marketing Focus Group events plan in 2019:

May - podcast: Mini-Lounge Podcast 'Snack Foods in China'
June - event+podcast: Live Lounge 5 'Start-up culture in China' & Marketing Mixer Nihght (Podcast Series)
August - podcast: Mini-Lounge Podcast 'Branding Scottland'
September : Mini-Lounge podcast 'Placemaking'
September - event+podcast: Live Lounge 6 'Scaling up in China' (Podcast Series)
October - podcast: Mini-Lounge podcast 'Recruitment & Staff Retention in China'

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