【8.22 Exhibition】JWDK Presents Matt Anderson

  • When:
    Thursday, 22 August 2019, 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Where:
    Nicepeople, .
    550 Jumen Road
  • Price:
    RMB 80 (incl. one drink). Free of charge for children. Profits from the evening will be donated to Heart to Heart Children’s Charity.


Matt is an amateur part-time artist from Sunderland, UK now based in Shanghai. He is a self-taught oil painter, who first discovered the art at school, taking inspiration from traditional artists. He continued to paint in his spare time throughout university and into his career.


Specialising in realism, most of his works are portraits or landscapes, usually portraying scenes that have a personal connection to the artist. Common subjects in Matt’s works are of contrasting traditional and modern themes, romantic and realism, often reflecting some aspect of culture. Living in Shanghai has given Matt the opportunity to explore a wide variety of these contrasts from the perspective of an outsider, providing inspiration to explore and develop as an artist.


Earlier this year, Matt was invited to paint a piece for the charity Heart to Heart that would then be sold at auction and the proceeds donated to help provide corrective surgery for Chinese children with congenital heart defects. To date, the charity has sponsored almost 1,500 children across China, not only saving their lives, but transforming the lives of their families. Matt is proud to continue his support of H2H at his exhibition.

This event is the first time Matt’s paintings have been displayed publicly. See more of Matt’s work at https://www.mattanderson.online


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We would like to thank our musicians for sponsoring the evening.

Voice - Louise Zhu is a regular on the Shanghai jazz music circuit and has previously been invited to perform at the JZ Shanghai Jazz Music Festival and Shanghai Concert Hall.

Piano - Stefan Karlsson was a Jazz Piano Professor at the University of North Texas, USA for 12 years before becoming a film music composer in Hollywood working on films such as Candy Hill (1994) and Lost Man (1997).

Bassist - Danny Zanker began his career as a bassist in Texas at the age of sixteen, and has since performed with several prominent bands and visiting artists to Shanghai such as Coco Zhao, Antonio Hart and Wayne Escoffrey.


Heart to Heart Shanghai

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